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4 months ago
Although not the most sophisticated game, this is a lot of fun to play and it is true to the 1989 movie with Jack Nicholson as the Joker in one of his many great performances. I have six Pins in my home collection and whenever we have a party, this is the one most people love to play. It may not be complicated or terribly difficult but everyone knows who the Batman and entertaining.
The cabinet artwork could have been better; even brand new, it looks used and worn but other than that, it's a great game!
4 months ago
I think this game is under-rated. The animations (especially with a Color DMD) are better than most games. It is more left-brained than most games but there's still enough lights and sounds for those that need the sensory stimulation. The Roulette feature is one of my favorites; where else can you actually enhance your score by hundreds of millions or have it reduced by that much OR not take the risk if you are close to that Replay number. The mechanical slot machine wheels is also unique and it adds a lot of fun to the play of this game.
4 months ago
This is a great family game and I think the only reason it is not quite as popular as it should be is that the show aired in the '60s which means that a lot of the younger Pin enthusiasts never saw the show or know how hilarious it was. But for fans of the show, this is a must have in a collection. One of Stern's better made games, in my opinion.
4 months ago
Such a great game! Almost a shame that it was released prior to the shows ending but that's Capitalism and Intellectual Property Law at work, I suppose. True to the series up to the date of its release but still missing other items that could have been incorporated had the release been delayed. But a fun, additive game, regardless.
4 months ago
Great game, no doubt but I think it is designed to force balls out too quickly and some of the skill shots are pretty darn difficult. Sound could be much better but it is a fun and an addicting game, for sure!
4 months ago
This will end up being as classic as the movie upon which it was based. I think the only reason it is not rated as high as JJP's POTC is that the theme is from an older movie and perhaps not as "masculine" as POTC but the game is truly amazing for all ages.
4 months ago
A classic for sure that never gets old. True to the TV series, plays fast and when it first came out, had the most new patents than any other previous machine.
4 months ago
For me and many others, this is the best Pin out there and has been since its release. Anyone that has played this game for more than a few times, knows how many themes from the movies series it incorporates in its features. It does so better than any other machine ever, in my opinion. Shifting to the DMD display for the Raven, Choose Wisely and especially the Mine Cart mode, is brilliant and unlike anything in any other machine I have seen! If you are fortunate enough to have the Pinsound system in it,please try the production from EndProduct; it is absolutely amazing!
B.F. Skinner's random reinforcement theory is absolutely at work in this machine. It's almost impossible to get to all of the features even in four-player mode. I love trying to beat the Mine Cart (although I never have!) but no matter how well you shoot, there is no guaranty that you will get it during your game. And that's true with most of the other features as well; not all but most. Completely awesome game!