Pinball is Therapeutic!

By Lithonion

October 19, 2015

6 years ago

I have wanted to get into pinball for years. A week after my birthday in 2014 I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Between all the emotions and chaos my wife and I decided we should get a machine. This was about a year after the diagnosis. Stop talking about it and just do it. She said we will make room to get one in our house. So we went through and purchases a Bally Midway Baby Pac Man and a couple weeks later a Gottlieb Monte Carlo. The thing I found I liked most about having one in our home is when I would worry about a test or test results I could tinker on repairs, mods, maintenance or play a game and it would get my mind off all the negative and worries. I would get so focused on what I was doing at that moment I didn't think or worry about what was going in my life. I am lucky to have a wife that fully supports my love for pinball. But to me owning a pinball machine is more then a hobby, it's therapeutic.

Update-6 years cancer free

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4 years ago

Hey yo. Great story, I like the update that you are still cancer free. I, just this year, got into pinball and am now chasing a baby pac man myself. How has baby pac man held up for you after several years in terms of fun and fixing. Thanks for sharing.

3 years ago

Sorry for such a slow reply. I didn't realize we actually have to check for postings that we are not notified. It has held up pretty well. I had to install an overlay after I purchased it. That is a long story in itself. I have only had an issue with high scores holding due to a ROM going bad. That was replaced with an NVRAM and my screen sometimes the color flickers to a different color. So I need to replace all the POTs on the vidiot board pretty sure that is all that is wrong with it.
But as for longevity I don't see me selling or trading it. If you are a fan of the original Pac Man you will enjoy this game. The only thing I can suggest is get one that is working. I hear these can be a nightmare to trouble shoot due to the pin/arcade aspect.

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