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3 years ago
I have only had my RFM a few weeks but have played it over the years in beercades. This is one that will most likely never leave my collection. The game code support and add on's from is a huge reason this game shines so much. I love the arcade pinball merge they did and will add SWE1 to my collection at some point. I love the artwork on everything but I have to confess I am a huge sci fi fan. Some of the call outs are very repetitive and others you never get tired of hearing. I have not played it with the adult mode turned off so I can't rate or comment on that aspect of the games call outs or animations. Overall this is my new favorite pin to play at home.

Some have pointed out they wish the playfield was full size. I myself love that it's not. I have a small arcade room in my home and I can not fit full sized pins in that room when you factor in having to remove the glass. I have other rooms in the house for full size playfield pins. :)
6 years ago
Like every rating it is all on the player. Some like a certain pin while others don't. This is one of those that I don't. I have played this one quite a few times but I just couldn't get into it. The only real cool feature is the second play field and the back glass. Other than that I found this game very drab and annoying. The background sound of the same 8 or 10 tones looping over and over, the screech during the multi ball is enough to drive you insane. I do like the artwork and the back glass is really nice. That is about it. A pin I will never have in my home.
7 years ago
I remember this game when it came out in the late 80s. I played the heck out of it. This is probably my second favorite pinball machine I have played to date. I love the whole 80s sounds and music. One thing I have always liked is the simple rules yet the level of difficulty this game offers.
7 years ago
Game is a lot of fun. Found when we first played it that multi-ball was to easy and happened way to much so turned up the difficulty and it really made the game more enjoyable. The artwork is cheesy but I feel it fits the theme as the movie was cheesy too. :P The third flipper really adds a nice touch to the game and learning how to use two flippers with one hand can be challenging.

One thing I didn't like is how dark the lower half of the playfield was. They did a good job getting the upper area lit but did nothing for the lower. I have already done a mod to take care of that. Also the sound is terrible. I can easily tell it only has one speaker in the back box. That is one of the mods I will be doing in the near future. Have to have that right channel put in.

This is a game I could see keeping awhile and later wanting to trade or sell it but this was actually a purchase for my wife so I don't know if it will ever leave our home, it's not my choice. :)
7 years ago
This game is both fun and sentimental so I might rate it a little higher then others. :) My wife and I purchased this for my one year cancer free results. As others have stated if you don't like Pacman or are terrible at pinball you will probably hate this game. This is the most brutal Pacman/Pinball game I have ever played. The ghosts do not follow a pattern as they do in the dedicated arcade versions. Also with the playfield being so small the ball can get moving super fast. You have to do well in the pin to be able to survive the arcade game. We don't ever plan on getting rid of ours. We still play it regularly, or at least till we are so ticked off at the super smart lock on Pinky ghost and have to give it a rest a couple days. When people come over they gravitate to this machine first. Many people have never even seen one.

Updated score: After owning this pin hybrid for years now it is still the most played game in our home. Something about this game keeps us coming back for more even though it is so simple. So I bumped my rating just a tad higher as it to me is well deserved considering this is pin is played almost every day while others in our collection go in spurts.
7 years ago
This was my first pinball purchase. As many others first pin I paid to much. Didn't even work when I got it but I liked the theme. The artwork on the cab and playfield is pretty basic but suits the theme of the game. Backglass was so ugly and faded I had to change that out. Wife actually picked out the new translite. I found the lighting poor and modified my playfield to brighten it up. Doesn't have a lot of wow factor but have to consider the year. My wife and I play a couple games on it together every night and enjoy it.

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