Raving Pinball

By Linearnorth

August 27, 2019

1 year ago

As a teen in the early 90’s my time was spent between going to warehouse raves and at Putt-Putt playing a gruesome new fighting game, Mortal Kombat. While waiting for my turn I’d wander over to the pinball machines.  I think the first pinball I played was White Water. Eventually my friends and I found ourselves competing on pinball in-between bouts of MK. I would continue on playing tournaments in MK3 and KIller Instinct 1 and 2 but always had a love for pinball on the side. After high school and the introduction of 3D fighters(which I hated) I found I enjoyed pinball more and more. A local sub shop would switch out games often. Junkyard, Game Show, Creature, Gilligan’s Island. I had made throwing raves and DJing my side hustle out of high school and never thought I could own, afford, or maintain pinball machines. It took a long time but here I am, at a point in my life where I can own the machines I enjoyed so much. My wife and I  are currently purchasing games to open an arcade in my hometown, which I hope to be my final career move.  I’ve met some great people in this community and have learned a lot. I’m looking forward to a future of collecting, restoring, and playing!

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