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5 years ago
AFM is a fun game, but really showing its age. A bit limited and repetitive.
6 years ago
Iron Maiden really is an outstanding pin, rules are great, modes all feel unique, callouts are fantastic as are the animations and art. Best of all the layout shoots extremely well. The music may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it really suits pinball; and the game is just so much damn fun it doesn't matter!
6 years ago
Finally a GOOD starwars game, was skeptical at first due to the fairly open look, but once I played it I needed one. Fast fast fast, game, with alot of shots and flow. Combine that with complex rules similar to got, art thats great in person (pros translite is amazing!) And you have a winner. Play it for yourself before you judge a book by its cover, Im glad I did.
6 years ago
Solid first effort, but not a great game, quite clunky playing but has lots of toys. Not to mention the worst theme ever for a pinball machine. Would get a hobbit or wait for the new pirates game if you want a JJP. I would never consider owning one.
6 years ago
Wow, like the theme or not (I love it due to the sim city vibe) this game is REALLY good!

The only thing Id chage is the weird robot chick in the back, seems out of place.
6 years ago
Dark, foreboading, immersive. Sums up Alien, great layout, sounds, animations and rules. Most atmospheric game Ive played!
7 years ago
Really great game - layout feels different and good. Play a dialed in LE and you will see how much of a challange and fun this game is.
7 years ago
Played it again quite a bit since the code has been vastly updated and its quite a bit better! I like it but its still a good, not great game.
7 years ago
Simply one of sterns best. Gameplay is hard but fun, sound and art are top notch, rules and code are great and still going. Just a special game all around one of the few 'full package' games ever made.
7 years ago
Tdk is a really good game, very challenging and addicting. Not the best looking, and the sounds (actors) are quite bad, but I still really enjoy it. One thing is one of the sound mods are nessisary, without the music is really bad!
7 years ago
Easily JJPs best title - a very impressive effort that really ticks all the boxes, best looking pin ever, great theme (normally a problem for JJP) super deep ruleset, beautiful imersive audio and video, tonnes to shoot for and fun to play.

Play a properly set up one (7.2 degrees, outlanes wide, all switches dialed in), and take some time to read the rules and you'll be hooked.

A future classic for sure.
8 years ago
TWD is IMO the best pin to come out of stern in the past 10 years. With the new code, there is alot to do, the layout is refeshingly different and challanging. This game makes you want to play it! I havent gotten into a game this much since LOTR, and before that TZ. Highly recommended! The only complains I have are the well walker could be smaller and the ball does spend a bit to much time in the pops.
8 years ago
Game of thrones LE is a really fun game, great shots, flow, and rules out of the gate. However Id actually take the pro over the le even if the price were the same the upper playfield is huge and isnt really fun so doesnt add to the game. Of course it covers up some of the pf art so thats a bonus!
8 years ago
Great game, very fun to play; and gorgous.
8 years ago
Fun fun game, really well done.
8 years ago
Great game, first of the classic pat layouts, great for its day and still lots of fun!
8 years ago
Very fun and fast game, hard and mean but in a good way, I could see getting tired of it. But for now, having a blast :)
8 years ago
Addams is a classic, whats amazing is how much in influenced future titles. Kind of a recycled layout from ww, but theamed well and fun! Who says you cant take it with you!
8 years ago
I love safecracker, great pin and amazing creativity on Pats part, the pinball portion is all about finding cheats for the board game. The board game is fun too, the only hard part on this pin is getting used to the flippers!

Just a fun time! GREAT music and sounds and art.
9 years ago
Sterns best next to LOTR, I can see how this game could be a bit much for someone looking for a quick game, but if your after a home game that will take a long time to learn and not get boring, this lotr, tz are your answer. Art is very fitting, and overall the game looks and plays great! Off to Moes!
11 years ago
This is probably my favorate pin, the art is the best I've pretty much seen from a stern, the flow, shots, depth and fun factor are all there. Its a great package and Id take it over pretty much anything. My only complaint would be it still feels just a little 'cheap stern' in places, but not much.
12 years ago
An alright game that I found got old reel (get it) fast.
12 years ago
I owned a TZ for a few years, its a great game make sure everything is working and your in for a wild ride! Best pinball ever.
12 years ago
Fantastic game (obviously) a few bars around where I live have these which is great since then I don't have to buy one ;)

All kidding aside, I'd love to own one, I wish they would have made more so they we'rent so darn expensive!
12 years ago
I love Jurassic Park, great theame and game, its a definate rip off of the whirlwind layout (but so is addams family) which is good since I dont have to buy a Addams and WW.

Great fast paced game, cool animations, and the T-Rex is always a big hit I like the look of the game, nice colours the artwork is great good too (except like someone else said, Nedreys fingers are brutal)

Some really cool things they added are the raptor skill shot and smart missle which are really uniqe and a good addition to the game.

The only thing I dont really care for (besides DE's pop bumpers) is that tri ball happens every game, it should be a little more difficult, so you have to earn it.

All and all, my best bang for your buck recomendation and beyond that, its staying in my basement!

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