Biting the Hand That Feeds

By Letter_K

November 15, 2009

12 years ago

I'm the front man for a live band called The Alphabet Asylum. That's where the "Letter K" comes into play if anyone's interested. One of the coolest parts of what I do is going to different bars and venues, and checking out their pinball machines!

In Stockton, Ca, The Matinee features a full bar, a full size viewing room for feature films, and a small restaurant with exellent pizza, two pool tables in the center of the room, and two pinball machines: CSI and World Poker Tour.

The Asylum played a wild variety show for Halloween this year, featuring a trick bass player, a karaoke comedian that runs like Andrew Dice Clay meets Wierd Al, and us at the end of the bill, just in time for all the drunk women to feel it would be okay if they ran up to the band to slap them on the backside and make lude gestures with their props. Honestly, it was okay...

The owner, a pleasant young man of intimidating height, made himself available before our show to talk to me about his love of pinball, and to brag on his Grand Champion score for WPT. I enjoyed his stories and listened intently, all the while thinking in the back of my mind that I should like to challenge this man's score.

The show went fine, but we couldn't get paid because the safe locked down for the night before we were ready to leave. Not a big deal, I love the pizza and I have a challenge to tackle, so I'll come back in a week to collect the band's due.

I did so, and with a roll of quarters in my pocket I hit up the pinball game like I was happy to see it, dropped four dollars into the machine, and burned the owner's Grand Champion score by 60 million points! I even left eight credits in the machine for the neighborhood kids.

The owner was very cordial about his record being defeated. He said all I had really done was decide what he would be doing in his spare time for the next couple of weeks. He still hasn't beaten my score, but I got a text message the other day saying someone else had come in and taken down my hefty total by a healthy 40 million points.

You sure don't spend much time at the top these days. Oh well, I could go for a good slice of pizza anyway.

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12 years ago

Nice writeup and welcome to the site! I got curious and tried looking you guys up on youtube, but alas no cigar. Is there anywhere to check some vids of The Alphabet Asylum?

12 years ago

Digg the story
- nothing like going into a place and taking the high score even if just temporary

12 years ago

WPT is one of Sterns more poor productions. The first time I played it in the bar I played for an hour off of 50 cents! Crappy pin, but awesome story!!!

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