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My addiction.

By Leakyfaucet

November 25, 2016

3 years ago

I began my pinball journey very young. Some of my earliest memories are at a local pizza and salad bar place that had a small arcade area. I remember a little helicopter ride that one little quarter and you rose "high" above the games. In all actuality, it was probably about 4' in the air. But once up there, I could see the dazzling lights of an Addams family pinball machine. I remember watching people play it, and me attempting to play it. Most likely just draining ball after ball, quarter after quarter. I didn't care. It was magical. Growing up in the 90's, there weren't too many pins around. Anytime I saw one, I played. My mom and I always talked about how cool it would be to own one but, it never went past that. I vowed that someday, somehow, I would get one. After the age of 12, pinball was off my radar. Fast forward... Life, drugs, parties, girls.... Girlfriend, sobriety, baby, marriage, another baby, more life, another baby... Chuck E. Cheese.... yes, with 3 young kids you are bound to be drug against your will to a land of screaming kids and stupid games. Well to my surprise, in one corner was a pinball machine! Can't remember what it was.... One coin, one game. Addicted. What does a 26 year old dad do? Go to the app store on his phone and searches for pinball. After downloading several sorry excuses for pinball, I found Alien vs. pinball. It was fun, I played through it. Loved it but wanted more. I started looking at eBay and Craigslist. Weeks passed, I looked everyday. Finally, I sprung it on my wife. "You know, I've always loved pinball...." Her response? "Since when?" So I explain my small history and my recent obsession. She knew I played on my phone, but I guess it never seemed important. Well the next day I saw a project pin on CL, it was a 1968 Williams Cabaret for $200. Decent condition, minor issues. Let's do it. I got her on board and we picked it up. The seller saw how ecstatic I was and ended up giving it to me for $100! My oldest 2 kids and I played around the clock. It was a basic PF but fed my need and was tons of fun! The addiction turned into disease. As of now, I have the whole playfield disassembled as I restore it. It takes a lot longer than anticipated while running a business... Who would have known?!? So to fill the void I just got me a cheap $100 1978 Brunswick Alive. It gets a bad wrap but for my kids and I, it's enough.... for now. 

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3 years ago

Great story but leave out the word addiction. Your not addicted that's one game. Addicted is when it's simply too much and you have to sell them off and be done with it. I'll keep one 90's game for old times sake

3 years ago

Great story!

3 years ago

Like it. Thanks for sharing.

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