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1 year ago
This game is a blast to play. Theme integration is probably one of the best in pinball. Lots of Risk/Reward going on in this game. The light show on all versions is over the top. It really feels like a concert behind the glass. With some tweaking of the rules you can limit the amount of multi-ball if that is what you like as well.
4 years ago
Great game, good flow. Music and theme are awesome on this game. Not just another bash a toy game. Makes you earn your shots.

Update: The multiplier ruins the game for me. 40x multiplier, we don't need that in this game. I wish you could turn it off.
6 years ago
Upgraded from a Pro to a Premium recently, and wow! The game as a Pro kicked ass, now it's even better. I may be a bit biased as Metallica is my all time Favorite group and I love pinball, it can not get much better then this to me!

The rules are awesome, great flow, awesome music, good call outs by the real band members, great dots, artwork is awesome is well, nothing bad about this machine.
6 years ago
The game looks cool and plays with some flow. That's about it for me. Only WOW factor is the ART.
6 years ago
This game is just pure fun to play. Rules are awesome, shots are nice, artwork and sound kick-ass.