A Beginner's Journey into a Lifetime Hobby

By Layercakes31

January 22, 2020

35 days ago

You know that feeling when you're not prepared to for your exam, and your teacher starts to pass out the test; you just sit there waiting...and then it reaches you...

EOS, whats that?

Coils, Solenoids, Leaf Switches- OH MY!

That's kind of what its like to own a pinball machine for the first time. Admttingly, I went into pinball ownership a bit prematurely- but, I wanted to dive in and get my hands dirty! Much to the dismay of my wife, I found a machine that was inside my price range and (what I thought) was only a quick trip from our house. The machine was a Grand Lizard and it was at a guys house about 4 hours away. We left early on a Saturday morning, figuring I would be home well before dinner! Once we got there, after many pitstops, I realized that there was more to pinball that just flipping a switch and playing. As the very informative, now previous, owner began to explain and open the machine- I thought to myself "whoa, that's a lot more parts than I realized!"

He helped me pack it in the back of my pickup truck, I added some furniture pads and strapped her down. For extra safety, I threw a tarp over top and bungeed everything together. Back on the road, I checked my mirrors every 6.7 seconds to make sure nothing moved; I avoided every bump I could, I even kept my speed to 55mph...just in case. As we neared home, about 30 minutes away, a storm was brewing DUN DUN DUN! I was panicking, traffic was moving slow, my wife was getting pretty upset that this $1600 "toy" that I had to have was going to get ruined. As the rain began, my only thought was "Great, I'm for sure screwed." Now 8pm, we have been on the road all-day, and we are 10 minutes from home- my wife is pissed that everything is getting wet and I am beyond frustrated. We arrive home, and as I back into the garage, I'm just hoping that I can get someone to help me move this into the basement. I call my neighbor and he is thankfully able to help. Bonus...the rain stops. He comes by and I kinda forgot how heavy this sucker was! We begin to carry it down the stairs, I bashed my hand on the molding of the door... F#&$ 

After we get everything inside and the legs put back on, I plug in the machine and hear that sound for the first time in our home! It's 9pm and our son jump up on a stool and says "LET'S PLAY!"...everything up to that point is now totally worth it! We played for about 10 minutes and then it was DEFINITELY time for bed. I lay in bed that night and was so excited to begin this awesome new hobby...little did I know just how involved and comlex owning a pinball machine was!

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29 days ago
Funny,, Grand Lizard is my sons favorite game... I did a complete restore on it ,she is a gem, and my favorite system 11.. Pinn-on!!
29 days ago
Funny,, Grand Lizard is my sons favorite game... I did a complete restore on it ,she is a gem, and my favorite system 11.. Pinn-on!!
29 days ago
My wife asked me as I was reading your story outloud if I had written it.
My collection has come from all broken units with 7 working and 6 in various stages of learning what to fix.
29 days ago
Thanks guys, appreciate the comments! Thanks for the feature
28 days ago
Best to you! Have fun and enjoy watching your pin budget get bigger and bigger over time;)
27 days ago
And the addiction begins
I went to buy my first pin ROADSHOW and left with 2 a FT i now have 26 thats down from 30
I hope you can keep it under control
26 days ago
Great Story.
24 days ago
love it!
24 days ago
Thanks for the support and laughs! It’s been a fun journey thus far!
23 days ago
My favorite part was your kid’s comment “let’s play!” Love it

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