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November 2018 scores

Game Score Photo Scored Location Balls Software Ranking
The Simpsons Pinball Party 103,396,640 2018-11-11 location 3 #89
“Three balls only, Excelsior Pub, set for league night. Tilt loose.”

August 2018 scores

Game Score Photo Scored Location Balls Software Ranking
Lunar Shot 11,523 2018-08-19 home 5 #1
“House high, one extra ball from backglass toy, plus two from add-a-balls at 4K and 7K. Might have been higher but I was playing one-handed while trying to video the machine turning over.”
Hurdy Gurdy 3,965 2018-08-11 location 5 #3
“At Saratoga Pinball show, on an exquisitely restored machine.”

July 2018 scores

Game Score Photo Scored Location Balls Software Ranking
Jurassic Park 4,340,600,610 2018-07-18 home 3 6.00 #1
“Ironically, started this game to diagnose a problem where the left flipper gets stuck up after it gets hot. I couldn't drain. Hit Chaos sequence twice in a row for 500M/515M jackpots. Hit Chaos sequence again! Still on ball one. By "natural" ball three (ball three with extra balls) I had over 4B. Then the flipper got stuck up. Tilted a ball. Then on the next ball...the ball got superbly stuck in the upper left corner! Couldn't even get it out with a tilt. Opened it up and was able to mark the high score after the tilt out. So call it a sort of quasi tournament high score.”

May 2018 scores

Game Score Photo Scored Location Balls Software Ranking
Dialed In 268,100 2018-05-26 tournament 3 #84
“I've had better DI scores in limited play, but I'd love a chance to get extended play to really crack a good high score. At NYCPC2018.”
Attack From Mars (Remake - Classic) 3,256,180,040 2018-05-26 tournament 3 #10
“NYCPC2018. 1st time I've played it in a tournament, amazingly enough. For the record, my all-time score on AFM is over 60 billion -- got reelected as Ruler of the Universe twice with no extra balls the year it came out.”
The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard 72,118,020 2018-05-26 tournament 3 #54
“New York City PC 2018. Not even close to my all-time score but the only time I've played this in a tournament that I can recall.”
Sorcerer 1,091,720 2018-05-26 tournament 3 #60
“NYCPC 2018. I always felt like this game would have been improved if they'd themed it after the same-named movie directed by William Friedkin. That had some amazing potential for toys and modes.”
Genesis 444,360 2018-05-26 tournament 3 #30
“New York City Pinball Championships 2018...I do not like this game, but this made up for an awful showing at Pinburgh on it in 2017.”
Toledo 38,600 2018-05-26 tournament 3 #8
“Yo no quiero Toledo. NYC PC 2018.”
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