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3 years ago
It's a fine game. Nothing about this game really gets me excited, the rules are ok-ish but when the road to victory consists of backhanding an orbit again and again and again..... Bleh. One of the biggest failures is that there is so much they could've done with the theme, and it comes off as kind of uninspired and generic. Art is OK. Opening theme repeating ad nauseam is not great.

The one thing it really does well is making the scoring pretty arbitrary and haphazard through overuse of shot and combo multipliers during multiball- do some stuff quick enough and good stuff happens, good luck doing it again! Pavlovian pinball at it's finest, embrace the chaos. Not really my cup of tea though.
3 years ago
This is not a troll review, it's my take on the game. There is no reason that Stern, Nordman, or anyone else should be designing or releasing this game in 2015, and compared to any other game released in the last decade the price point is nowhere near justifiable. Throwback, sure. Fun, maybe. Overpriced sexist novelty, definitely.
3 years ago
Rating this with the assumption that the software is more-or-less where it'll be when publicly available, at least as much so as Stern release code.

The gimmicks and mechs are fantastic. 8-ball multiball? Even the bonus advance is risk-reward, it resets every ball but advancing it gets tougher every time it is collected and is also interleaved with other awards that you'll be missing out on if you don't go for lane completions. Do you want to hold off until all 8 balls are locked and you've finished a couple modes on the same ball to max out your multiball rewards? Bypass the bonus advance until ball 3 for maximum bonus payout and hope you can stack it high enough to pay off? I'm very interested how this will play in tournaments.

Theme-wise, I'm 50/50. It's a Nordman theme, and yeah, it's somewhere around where I would rank White Water on my list of "awesome themes". That said, what's there is pretty well done and it definitely has a whacky 80s space swamp adventure feel. First machine to feature a beer chugging competition?

Long story short: the more I play it, the more I want to. It's a tough shooter with a ton of risk/reward built in at every level and the most interactive modes I've seen.
4 years ago
There are a lot of "Didn't like it" reviews for this game accompanied by middling-to-high ratings, which confuses me. I have to say that this one doesn't have anything appealing for me, and I'm moderately enthused by the theme. The playfield layout and toys feel clunky and cheap, it's difficult to see what's going on most of the time, and the rules and objectives are anything but clear for a casual player. This is the sort of machine that's going to interest someone enough to play it in a bar somewhere and then convince them that pinball is a ripoff and belongs in the 20th century. Add to that the fact that I've heard of many, many technical and hang-up problems without actively researching them and I'm comfortable calling this the worst Gomez game I've played. How is this rated higher than Sopranos, LE or no? The art package on the LE (Hulk green is also less than great) doesn't make up for the most annoying and seemingly tacked-on crossover ramp I've ever encountered.
4 years ago
Classic, unique theme that's held up pretty well. The rules are pretty straightforward and that's to its benefit. Shooting Rudy never gets old and the combo flow is surprisingly good and satisfying.
4 years ago
For walk-up play, this game is completely inscrutable and I've never really been able to shake the "what the heck is going on now?" feeling despite getting a better handle on the ruleset and strategy. The layout is intentionally very busy and chaotic and there is a ton to shoot for, which is definitely appealing to many people. There's a lot there, but I've never found it particularly compelling and I'm always good with a single play.
4 years ago
The hammer in the center of the playfield really ruins this one for me, it's just too large and awkward and blocks visibility in the one area you absolutely need to see to prevent SDTM drains. It's a shame because I really, really enjoy the pro.
4 years ago
A pretty good game, and the theme is spot-on. Great art, lots of interesting and well-integrated elements, some of them unique.

However, it loses a lot of its appeal once you realize everything besides the Ringmaster can (and probably should) be completely ignored if you're going for a top score. Add the fact that this is one of the safest and easiest to control shots in the game and it gets old. A mod or tweaked software that requires a few marvels to be completed before the next ringmaster mode can be started would go a long way.