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1 year ago
This is Steve Ritchie's best shooting game since Spiderman. Sure the layout is open but the shots are so smooth and fast! Combos aplenty! The more difficult shots (the upper flipper ramp and right orbit) are rewarded well in the code. I own Maiden Premium and Metallica Premium and find myself playing Zeppelin at much higher volume than either of them. The 10 songs picked are PERFECT for pinball, yes I wish there were more ("Bring it on Home" would be a perfect addition) but I find myself headbanging every single time I play. Having the lit shots change to the music keeps me on my toes and really keeps the game fresh. The EM spinner RIPS!!! The backglass and cabinet art are just Zeppelin 1 album art but the playfield art is spectacular. The Expression Lighting System is outstanding! I have awful night vision so I usually play with the lights on; however, the Expression Lighting is bright enough for me to enjoy playing in the dark. Current code is quite good although the callouts could be improved. The tour modes/EM Frenzy/Mothership Multiball are all really well integrated, stackable, and easy to comprehend. Sexton did a great job!

The bottom line is that Zeppelin Premium is a preposterously fun game to play. I cannot see this one leaving my collection ever.
1 year ago
This is the best shooting game ever made in my opinion. Combo after combo! The code is incredibly deep and there is always something to shoot for. The outlanes are brutal but adjusting the sling power can make a huge impact on game times. The Captain Marvel shot is INCREDIBLY satisfying. The callouts are solid but they need to be improved so people who have not read the 30+ page rulebook will have a better idea of what to shoot for. Code continues to develop so I expect the callouts to improve. Thanos is excessively featured on the cab but I don't really care because mine sits in a row of games. The topper is excellent.
2 years ago
Very underrated game. Mine has Soren's code so the linearity of the modes is not a problem. Great shots, good lighting for the time, decent scoring balance (although it could use some tweaks), and a pretty packed playfield. The theme is meh and Carlene Carter's song is fine but some variety would be nice. Red and Ted are pretty awesome playfield toys. Color DMD really helps this game. While some of the modes are excessively simple, the sheer number of them more than makes up for it. If the theme was better this game would demand much higher prices.
2 years ago
I owned a TNA for 9 months and enjoyed it. No ramps, simple layout, simple rules and yet it was always entertaining. Incredibly fast game, I considered it a pinball workout and found that after a few games i played better on all my other machines. Co-op mode is a blast especially for kids. The lack of modes and inherent repetitiveness hold it back but also make it stand out. In my small lineup I decided to move-on from it in order to bring in AFMrSE but in a larger collection it really brings a nice change of pace. The music and callouts are a 10/10.
2 years ago
The best single ball game of all time. Definitely has that "one more game" aspect. Rules are straightforward and simple but just because you know exactly what you need to do does not mean you can actually pull it off. The difficult shots (8 ball and bank shot) pay off handsomely but hitting them reliably without draining takes a lot of practice and even then.... Sound was great for it's day. Art is excellent.
2 years ago
Huge Metallica fan so the theme and music get high scores from me. I have the Monsters Premium version and prefer that backglass to the other options. This game shoots very well and the rules/scoring are extremely well balanced. There is some wood-chopping to progress through the various crank it up modes but the various multiballs that can be reached repeatedly make the wood chopping fun. Color DMD and external sub help the overall package substantially. My biggest gripe is the left outlane, it is brutal. I should probably move the post but I want mine to play tough.
2 years ago
I am a huge Maiden fan so the theme and music are obviously getting great scores from me. This game shoots wonderfully. Very deep code, lots of modes, and nearly infinite ways to rack up a good score. Call outs are loud, forceful, and funny. Animations could be improved on but get a bonus point for Elwin walking down the forest in "Fear of the Dark." Playfield lighting can be pretty dim if you play in the dark, this is the only game I own where I considered pinstadiums. I have owned this game for 16 months and I still play it daily. Elwin knocked this out of the park!
2 years ago
An all time classic. Not the deepest game but probably the most fun you can have in pinball. Best call outs ever.