I made a mobile pinball game!

I made a mobile pinball game!

By LamestarGames

August 25, 2018

4 months ago

I love pinball. 

I'm also an indie video game designer. A year ago I got the idea to try and make a fun and simple mobile pinball game anyone could play. I started prototyping what this might be. I wanted to be able to play with one hand if I needed to, and for the game to be simple enough a child could play and still have fun. Pinball Fantastic was born. At the time I was working full time at a grocery store in San Francisc, Ca. I worked nights and weekends on Pinball Fantastic. Sometimes even lunch breaks I got 30 min of work in (actually I destroyed my final USB port while trying to test a build during a lunch break). I have since moved to Corvallis, OR, where I managed to finish the final pieces of Pinball Fantastic, and start the process of getting it out the door.

I create all aspects of Pinball Fantastic. I design, code, music, and art the whole thing myself. I am so excited to get my pinball creation out in the wild, and it has me heavily considering doing more pinball games. Who knows maybe even start prototyping a physical game!

I love pinball, and I understand I will never be able to capture the feeling that playing a physical machine brings. What I am trying to accomplish with my game is borrow a few mechanics from pinball, and develop them in a whole new setting. I would love to capture the attention of people who generally would not have been exposed to pinball. Why not possibly spark the pinhead in someone with a simplistic version of a generally complicated and amazing game. 

I have been receiving lots of support on the forums on pinside! Thank you everyone for your kind words and feedback. It means the world to me!

If you would like to check out more of the game, or even pre-order it, you can get all the links at my website, www.lamestargames.com

Thank you for taking the time to check this out, and have fun!

Tyler Jones
Lamestar Games

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4 months ago
Very nice!
It reminds me a bit of Alleyway I was playing a lot on GB more than 20 years ago.
4 months ago
Looks great - nice work!
4 months ago
hmm, cool
4 months ago
Nice twist on pinball - and nice demo video.
3 months ago
Totally awesome, thanks for sharing!
48 days ago
Fun! Going to check it out!!

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