shuffle bowling

By Laguna

July 08, 2020

1 year ago

I had just acquired a 1970 Williams Laguna shuffle bowling game.  For repairing a guy's AC . 

It's not in the best shape and has a few problems.  I have never worked on one of these. my electrical skills is not all that great.

 I've been going through it and I notice that that does not keep score correctly and I have troubles with a pin not staying down and other not staying up.

 So if there's anybody in here that knows anything about these and would like to help me out I'd surely appreciate it.

 Or know any repair people in the st. Louis area



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1 year ago

I used to own a Laguna about 10 years ago. With any electromechanical game you will need to clean and make sure the gaps are correct on all the switches. Yes there are lots of them and it will seem impossible but it is worth it in the end. It usually takes me about 3 hours to do this to a Pinball and maybe about 5 to do a Bowler. Bowlers are more complicated and have more assemblies to service. Make sure the screws holding the switch stacks together are tightened down before making any switch gap adjustments. Inspect and clean all the stepper units and score reels for correct operation. If you are new to electromechanical games please read the repair guide in its entirety at before doing anything. It is better to clean and gap a entire game that has not seen any service for a couple of years instead of trying to track down specific issues. If not you will fix one issue only to chase another a couple days later. Do not use any lubrication or contact cleaner of any kind unless it is specifically mentioned by the manufacturer. As far as the pin issues, one of the switches on the lane is most likely stuck closed and needs adjustment. Hopefully this puts you on the correct path. Let me know if you need anymore help.

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