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6 years ago
VERY fast playing game. Tough shots, but achievable. Makes me want to play, play, play. A top design by Mike Kubin.
7 years ago
Fun game. Play one if you find one. The multi-ball drop target challenge is good. I would call it slightly easier than average. The ball does fly through the air a little too frequently, however. The sound is awesome. John Trudeau at his best.
8 years ago
I was never really into the new Stern games, all licensed themes and artwork taken from photographs, and flow never really stood out...until I played this game. Personally, the smoothness of gameplay is better than any other Stern out there--John Borg nailed it! I am a fan of the early and mid 80's Williams and Bally games, and that is what Metallica feels like. In addition, it has original artwork! FINALLY! I hope this trend continues--a Stern pinball game that doesn't blatantly look like an advertisement.
The drop target trough, the long loop, the Sparky Mod, all shots are clean and fun to go for. can't wait to play it again!
9 years ago
I just love smacking that dummy in the face! His taunts really warrant an assault, and hearing that dummy scream after the two million shot is so worth it! Also, some of the weirdest music I have ever encountered from a Pinball machine.
The two-plunger system is pretty cool, and the trapdoor shots are quite challenging. It can get a little repetitive, but the timed goals make up for it, such as superdog or frenzy. One of my favorites to play.
9 years ago
Truly a great game. Worth a dollar play. I consider the layout of this game very nearly perfect. Excellent array of shots, ramps, moving parts. There is something about the gold edition that feels smoother about the play. This is the type of machine one can play for hours a day, days a week.
9 years ago
I would like to play a game with complete programming, since many of the goals cannot be completed, other than shooting the ramp. That seems to be the only shot in the game. Has fantastic art, and I love the theme. Flow is really great, and its a game that has so much potential. Would love to play a complete version, if one exists.
9 years ago
Has a "chunky" play to it.
Can be punishingly hard, but multi-ball, and multi-player multiball gets the added feature of the 30+ second round which is extremely satisfying. Shots are much harder than they appear. Strong flipper solenoids a must.
The upper and lower playfield layout is quite brilliant. One of the easiest games to learn split focus on several balls during multiball.
9 years ago
This game is the fastest playing wide-body I have ever played. I love the challenge, and all the shots and targets covering this field are really something. The ball save button is super frustrating to learn, but a neat trick--quite a bit more challenging than Black Knights magna save.
9 years ago
Perhaps the weirdest pinball game I have ever played.
It's just not that fun. Has a little replay in the novelty of trying to re-learn pinball, but not much.
The game would be better if whack-a-mole mallets were provided to hit the flipper switches.
A cue ball for a pinball. That's funny.
9 years ago
This is my favorite pinball machine.
I do not think it is the benchmark of pinball, but a perfect lesson in pinball gameplay. No matter how much practice I may have with this machine, it can turn on me like a viper. Also, as I grew up in the video game era, there was something a little darker, mischievous...magical about pinball. Well, this one has a huge picture of the devil and naked women. How do I not want to be a part of that?!
The field layout is quite good. Very simple, very clear. Target shots across the field that are difficult yet attainable. The snake-pit magnet is great, a cool early gimmick. The side drains and non-switchable multiplier lanes can be down-right maddening at times. But a good game on Gorgar is great thing to experience.
9 years ago
I own this machine, and bought it as a lark--very inexpensive.
Yeah, the backglass artwork isn't the best, but the cab artwork is fine. And yeah, it was a Star Wars rip-off, with ships that look more like they belong on battlestar galactica. No ramps, no multiball, but it's 1979 Williams.
The game is very fun to play, and has very good lastabity. A beginners game for practicing flipper accuracy, as there are several drop targets and mini-goals all over the wide-body playfield. I think it's simplicity and multiple target goals make it less threatening and more attractive to the new pinball player; it gets the most play of all my machines by visitors.