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2 years ago
Easily, one of the better DE games. Awesome theme and a decent variety of modes and shots. The great JP theme song will be stuck in your head after playing. I can tell the layout was heavily influenced by Addams Family, but I still appreciate JP for what it is.
2 years ago
Such a disappointment. Great theme and nice artwork. The wonky layout, idiotic magnets and cheesy voice acting kill it for me.
2 years ago
For an older game that is no where near as flashy as these newer pins, T2 still holds its ground. Great theme, Arnold's callouts and Ritchie's flow make for a classic. By no means the deepest game, but still impressive for a pin from 1991.
2 years ago
Great vault edition of one of the best Stern games. The VE artwork, lighting and other tweaks are welcomed improvements over the original version. As most would agree, the new callouts are the biggest weakness, especially when compared to the original. Not nearly as cheesy of callouts/voice acting as X-Men, TWD or GotG, thankfully.
3 years ago
This machine is the epitome of why you should not over invest in people's opinion on a game when it very first comes out. When I heard of a new Star Wars pin, I was ecstatic to say the least. Immediately after its release, so many people were trashing this game. This destroyed my desire to find one on location to play it. I didn't even watch a single video because I had lost total interest.

Several months later, I finally came across one and had to at least try it. After my first game on it, I was mad that I had waited so long to try it. I fell in love and spent the last month or two traveling all over to try several pros, premiums and an LE to see which type I liked the most to buy. The hyperspace loop is a neat gimmick, but that's it. It partially obstructs view of the pf. The "ramp" that pops up just makes the Death Star/Hyperspace shot more difficult and takes away from the flow of the game. So, I gladly saved some money and got the pro.

To me, flow and smooth shots are huge factors. This is where the game absolutely excels. I can't emphasize enough how buttery smooth this game feels to play. When I first played it, I of course had no idea what to do. I was just hitting the ball around at all the different shots and they all felt so natural.

Software wise, Stern is getting better with their depth. There's a few characters (not overwhelming amount like JJP Pirates) with different traits to choose. There's a great amount of modes/mini wizard modes that tie in well with the call outs, movie scenes and lighting. The whole use of shot multipliers is a bit different. On my first couple trips to play, I had no clue how to properly earn/keep and use the shot multipliers. I still put up over a billion several times and had immense fun regardless. After fully understanding the multipliers, I of course get more points and it adds an interesting aspect to the game. I say for your first several plays, don't worry much about the multipliers. Just go for fun shots and modes.

The audio quality and call outs are excellent. I love that they use MANY lines from the actual movies. I absolutely hate when games use nothing but obvious voice actors (Walking Dead, X-men, etc.). Even the lighting is noteworthy for Stern. I have zero problems playing in a room that is pitch black when the lights are off. The music and sound effects really help to immerse me into the game.

Now, to the only real negative. The pf art is a bit lacking. Thankfully for me, that is not a massive factor of whether I like a game. The cabinet and backglass art are perfectly acceptable. The LE's translite art is pretty blah.

There are a good amount of games that I love, but after just a few back to back games, I have to move onto a different game for a bit. I'm truly amazed how I can literally play this dozens of times in a row and still want more.

So, if you have yet to experience this game, GO PLAY!