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KSUWildcatFan has written 4 rating comments:

3 months ago
I really don't understand the seemingly overwhelming disdain for Jack's. While it's certainly not the deepest game in the world AND it can be made into a one-shot wonder via the pretty easy-to-hit left ramp, if one actually plays the game as intended it's got enough variety to entertain and it's certainly amusing. I can agree that the music and callouts could get annoying and repetitive after a while and that's why I wouldn't recommend Cactus Jack's for a single-pin lineup, but as a part of a 4-5+ pin row I think it can hold its own.

Kids love the wackiness and the easier approachability of Jack's, but it can certainly offer a challenge just as well.

I enjoy this game and I'm happy I was able to add it to my lineup. I'll probably never understand those who absolutely hate this game, because I think it's a good amount of fun. Time will tell if it has staying power in the lineup.
1 year ago
Great game that keeps me coming back. Simple rules for a novice with some really rewarding shots as skills improve.

The background noise (music) is pretty annoying, but the sounds from hitting targets, etc, are really nice. I consider it something of a wash on sound for that reason.

Deceptively challenging game depending on pitch and overall condition of the table, but one players of multiple skill sets can enjoy.
1 year ago
As far as EMs go this is a fun one. It’s certaibly a slower player than your average SS game but it’s still good fun with decent gimmicks. Having the O/X indicator flip back and forth (on a working machine) makes a big difference and ramps up the challenge considerably.

It’s got good charm and is a fun player for an early-1970s EM. For me, it represents the first pin I bought and therefore holds a special spot in my heart. But it’s certainly worth a play if you get the chance!
1 year ago
I was lucky enough to stumble upon a recently shopped / LED machine in really good condition for a great price. I absutely adore this machine. It’s challenging enough to keep me coming back and I love the grungy post-apocalyptic Mad Max schtick it’s working with.

With LEDs the game looks really great. I will say the top left of the PF isn’t as lit as I’d like, but realistically it’s not like you spend much time there anyway. Getting multiball on the pin takes three aimed shots in one turn (lower gate, lock ball, release ball) and the angle of the first two shots is quite a challenge for me. But I may just not have it mastered yet.

If you get a chance to play one (or better yet, to buy!), do it! They didn’t make very many and it’s a unique pin.