My far.

By KrustyBurger

May 05, 2012

11 years ago

Where to start? I've been playing video games since the late 1970's. My father won a Magnavox Odyssey game system (pong) in a raffle & gave it to me and my brother. I believe this is when my video game obsession began...

Following this, we got an Atari VCS (2600), Mattel Intellivision & Odyssey 2. As I grew older, I got a paper route & did miscellaneous yard work for neighbors to save as much money as I could so that I could by the newest systems as they were released. My first self purchases were the Colecovision & Vectrex systems. As I aged, I was able to make more money and continue to buy all of the systems as they were released. Sad part is that I never owned many games for each system, (maybe 12 or so per system) rather I became a collector of game systems. (doesn't make much sense to me either) When I hit my teenage years, I became a game attendant at a local mall arcade. Loved that job! This is where I was first introduced to pinball. Quite honestly, I wasn't in love with the game. More specifically, I thought they only took up precious space for new, awesome video games. Fast forward 20 years.....

I started buying the pinball game simulations for my PC & select home systems. As they were really authentic, I started to appreciate their capabilities and went to locations where I could play them. Since then, I have not looked back on my video games and now rarely play any of them. (360, PS3, Wii, etc.) Funny, as I was a dedicated video game player & collector; now I really enjoy pinball. While I still have all of my video game systems in storage and in boxes (from 1972 & forward), they now see little use. Apparently, I have a new obsession. A MUCH more expensive hobby, at that! What will the next 20 years of my life see following this hobby? Most likely???.............bankruptcy...... (ha - let's hope this is a joke - after all, with pinball prices the way they are today, maybe I can sell my pinball collection and retire to Florida)

Happy flipping, all!

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11 years ago

Better now than never...... Welcome to Pinside!!

11 years ago

One can only hope that our "pin-vestments" today would carry such a dream for an early retirement. I guess there's only one way to find out! :P
Welcome to the Pinside KB! (Officially that is...)

11 years ago

Thanks kwiKi & Nimble - appreciate your well wishes!

11 years ago

Your pin collection is impressive. I hope you have the skill to match?

11 years ago

Ninja - No, I don't have the skills to match. In fact, I'm terrible! (but I love the hobby anyways)

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