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Pinsider Kronnix has rated 7 machines.

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Kronnix has written 7 rating comments:

3 months ago
Let me preface by saying that I do not consider myself to be a great pinball player. I've owned several machines. Some are just more approachable and easier to play with simple, linear rules and backhandable shots. JP doesn't fall into this category for me.
The outlanes on JP are PUNISHING! I've never felt like a center drain was cheap on JP but the outlane drains almost always make me feel ripped off. This isn't made any easier by difficult to move outlane posts. The right one being nearly impossible to get to without taking off portions of plastic.
It really feels like Keith was trying to make a shooter's game here and I think he's succeeded. With the exception of the T-Rex ramp, every shot is extremely tight. The game requires you to think ahead and develop strategies for what to do next.

Game has SO MANY shots which often combo into one another.
The way you play the game is completely up to you. Some have called the game's paddock paths "too linear". I disagree. Not only are there multiple branching paths but you can focus on other things like spelling out 'CHAOS' or working towards raptor MB.
Great theme! This game really feels like a "World under glass".
Has that "just one more game" feel to it.
That John Williams Score!!
In my opinion the art on the premium edition is outstanding!
The paddock modes feel great! I really feel like I'm rescuing workers and trying to capture dinos!!
The T-Rex is amazing!

Shots are REALLY tight. This may be a plus to many, but it can also make some games feel frustrating for less skilled players.
Lack of movie callouts - It is what it is, but I'm not sure how anyone would argue this fact. The voice acting is just not good imo.
Some of the music gets kinda repetitive.
It's hard to combo shots together unless you are either extremely lucky or just a great player. I've only managed a triple skill shot a few times.
The 'O' shot is nearly impossible to hit which can really get frustrating when building towards CHAOS mb.
Probably my biggest complaint (and I know it may not be popular) is the truck. Often I have a strategy in mind for progressing toward the visitor center, only to accidentally switch directions and start heading into the middle paddocks. It also blocks the 2 trap shots which are necessary for progressing through modes. Instead of being a shot I want to hit, it becomes a shot I want to avoid.

I know it sounds like I'm complaining a lot, but for all my frustration I know it is making me into a better player. And even after well over a hundred games I still keep pushing that 'start' button again and again!
Overall I'm enjoying it! I may revisit this review in a few months.
The theme and the "World under glass" feel will draw in even the most casual players. But the difficulty may have many frustrated.
5 years ago
Funhouse is a great game on theme alone! Who doesn't love a creepy puppet head that talks to you while you play the game?! I love the theme of Funhouse but it falls short for me in shot department with ramps feeling very repetitive and other shots feeling very difficult to hit for beginners or amateurs.

Funhouse is the one of the ultimate shooter's games with hard, precise shots and a good overall design.
The artwork and theme on Funhouse rank among my favorite pins. The blue, red, and yellow colors are vibrant and alive and fit the theme perfectly.
Good ruleset with understandable modes and goals.

Restrictive layout - Funhouse does not have the flow I prefer in my pins. There is only 1 ramp and most of the shots on the playfield can only be made from specific flippers. Much of the upper playfield is taken up by Rudy's gigantic head.
Hard to maintain game (as I understand).

Funhouse is a fun game to come back to on theme alone, but I don't think it holds up well in a small collection or on it's own. You will quickly become familiar with all of the shots and how to chain them together. This will feel rewarding for a while but can make the game feel repetitive in a short time.
5 years ago
LOTR is an amazing machine which is VERY high on my wish list!
The theme is almost perfectly realized with amazing modes and game designed around a VERY complex mythos.

Ramp design and layout is amazing! My favorite will always be the quick left ramp which seems to defy physics with its tight upward turn; while the right sword ramp is difficult to master and yet rewarding to hit!
Voice acting and sound is amazing!
Theme!!! I know LOTR doesn't appeal to everyone, but to me it's a perfect them which is well realized in this pin.
Lengthy game times which feel rewarding and punishing at the same time.
DEEP ruleset which will take months to understand and even longer to master.

Art design is not perfect - playfield could have felt more interesting with Frodo being the prominent figure who stares at you every game.
Game rules and objectives can be hard to understand for beginners.
Balrog bash toy can lead to many a drained ball and frustration.

When I'm introducing someone to pinball I always show them LOTR. This game has almost perfect flow and new players will be thrilled when they find they can keep a ball in play for over 10 minutes at times.
5 years ago
I have tried and tried to figure out what it is about TAF which makes people gravitate to it but I just can't seem to find it.
Despite dozens and dozens of games played on different machines this game just doesn't appeal to me and I could never justify the money people pay for it.

Deep rules.
Fun theme with great art work.
Good flipper layout.
Fun ramps (if you can hit them).

Ramps are tough to hit repeatedly (this could be seen as a pro to some).
Overpriced! With as many of these were made this is a demand issue and not a supply issue and is not the fault of the pin.
Slow game and shot flow.

I can see why TAF appeals to some people with its tight shots and a deep rule set. However, it's this slow "pick a shot" pace which keeps me from wanting to come back for more.
The biggest issue I've found with TAF is trying to find one with flippers that are strong enough. This seems to be a HUGE failure point on these games with some ramps simply being un-shootable do to weak flippers.
5 years ago
Finally had the chance to play a Tron in fair players condition recently. What I noticed almost immediately was how similar this game felt to Funhouse while still feeling totally different. I prefer flow to stop and go. Tron is somewhere in between. To me, it's not a "great" game, but I thought it played well. The flow is somewhat hit and miss. I'm not a big fan of the arcade scoop shot especially when it comes to starting modes.

Fun center target which randomly throws the ball back.
Great lighting on the LE model!!
Toys are from Walmart, but still fit the theme well and don't feel terribly out of place (to me).
Good ramp design (not great ramp design).
Great theme!! Tron is the perfect theme for pinball.
Music and sounds straight out of the movie which fit well and get your feet tapping.

Can feel slow in the flow department at times.
Weak flippers will bring MUCH frustration for hitting ramp shots.
Some of the shots feel frustrating to hit. But I will confess that more time spent on this machine may solve this.
PRICE! This game is overpriced in my opinion with games going for over $9k.

Good game overall! Would recommend if you can find one for a fair price.
5 years ago
I originally played ST LE about 8 months ago at the pinball museum in Seattle. Needless to say that we missed the first 2 innings of the Mariner's game because of this machine! I knew I had to own one some day. Fast forward to last week and I was finally able to buy a pro. I like the premium and LE better, but I just can't justify the extra cash for what you get. The metal ramp feedbacks as well as the artwork, lighting, and backglass are much better on the more expensive versions, but the only thing that effects gameplay (and only in a small way) is the left scoop feedback to the playfield instead of the flippers.
I haven't owned many pinball machines, but I've spent many, many hours in arcades on them, and I know what I like. Steve Ritchie machines have a flow that is so unique and enjoyable to me, and Star Trek is no exception. When you start rolling through ramp combos there's no feeling quite like it. It becomes almost euphoric hitting several successful ramps in succession. I've never played on a pinball machine with such smooth flow.

Star Trek Pro is not without its flaws. I wasn't on board (besides my time on the game at the arcade) for the "old" code so I have nothing to compare the new code to. I love the light show; I love the ruleset; and I love the modes. Each mode feels unique and interesting. My only complaint is the mode start. I REALLY think they need to add some unique ways to start missions besides just the left scoop and under the right flipper. Not only are these shots very difficult, but they add unnecessary repetitiveness.

I like the side art as well as the playfield art, but the backglass leaves much to be desired in both quality and appearance.
QA at Stern also leaves a bit to be desired as there were several LED housing wires that I had to manipulate manually before the lights would work. This is frustrating with NIB machine. There's also that familiar Stern flipper buzz which is thankfully drowned out by the excellent music of the machine most of the time. Although, I would have liked to have more of the movie soundtrack theme in the game.

Maybe I should have waited until after the honeymoon phase to rate this game, and I may revise in a few months, but I seriously doubt it.
If you like smooth fluid play in your pinball machines find one of these games and try it!
7 years ago
Hook is usually an accurately rated game in my opinion. The rule set isn't extremely deep and it's not uncommon to curse the machine for unfair drains down the middle on the plunge, but what 'Hook' lacks in depth it makes up for in pure fun. The music and sounds are exceptional and the light show is amazing! This was the first pin I ever fell in love with and it will likely have a place in my home for years to come.