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3 years ago
This was my first EM. I Was worried but this game provides great satisfaction. The lone pop has great placement and adds to the flow. The drops are located in 4 banks. The lower banks are easily knocked down by slings, errand shots or aimed shots. The upper banks require a bit of luck or the pop or skilled long shots as long as flippers are strong. Theme is great. Cards are a class EM theme and work well with this game. Backglass is unique and timeless. Playfield isn't fancy but has what it needs. Cabinet is basic Card icons and it looks clean. Put this on 5 ball and relax, games can go fast or you can be down to your last ball and have one drop left! That is a great feeling! 2 Thumbs up.
5 years ago
Love this game, I think it represents all of what is pinball. A classic and a great game for beginner or pro. Probably my all time fav and a keeper!!
5 years ago
WOW, bang for the buck!! Got a chance to play a ton of this game a hotel I stayed at in Charleston WV in the Laundry room!!!! Has a ton to offer, fast fast fast great Steve Ritchie game. I didn't care fore the cheap Stern base model feel and clip art but hell I'd take it any day!!!! Lots of fun
5 years ago
Finally played a real TZ at the "The Alley" barcade/bowling alley in Charleston SC. Great game and as I played I got better at it and got more modes going. Glad to have had a shot at it. Definitely a shooters game but plenty to offer very fun!!!
5 years ago
First played and learned game on my PS Vita through the pinball arcade and finally got to play a real version. The version I played was a A+++++ restore that sammiesguys owns and had restored by "Chris". Wow what a restore looked and played like it just rolled off the line. One of my all time fav's and holy grail games!!! At least I own the playfield!!!!
7 years ago
Picked up my dracula not too long ago and after I finally worked out all the bugs, I can say wow is this game hard!! Its going to take some time to master but shooting loop after loop to become the loop leader is very fullfilling. Not to mention mist multi ball and being able to get all 3 multi balls going at once!!
7 years ago
Just got Frankensteing as my first pin and have been playing it for 3 weeks non-stop. the game is complex which adds replay value as there is a lot to learn. Theme is great sound is very good, shots are very hard which also makes the game hard to master. I definetly recommend this pin to anyone looking for a challenge and a great theme. P.S. the large Dot Matrix display is great, which more games used it back then.