the true value of a quarter

By KOpinball

April 04, 2024

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52 days ago

My father gave me some change when I was a little girl and said "go see if that game is any good." From the first moment that  quarter rolled out of my tiny sweaty little hand and into the coin slot of COMET;  I was hooked. I was fasinated by the blinking lights and the sound that it made. It sounded futuristic to me kinda like what a robot would sound like. 

I was amazed that the button would make the flippers react to my touch. It felt like nothing in that arcade could distract me from my new favorite thing. The arcade was playing love cats by the cure. I knew that song because it was a staple tune my older sister would play on a loop.

As I played my feet would shiftting back and forth as I jumped up and down in excitment.  I remember being on my tippy toes. I was so tiny I just couldn't see the whole playing field, but it didn't matter to me I just kept my eye on that silver little ball.  I couldn't controll my feet I was full of joy. They shifted back and forth as I continued to jump around in pure happiness.  All the lights started  flashing which had me in a complete stupor.  It was my first time playing pinball and boy, oh boy was it fun. 

It had a creepy little laughing sound that made me think was that a creepy laugh? I couldn't wait to see if I could make the laugh activate again. Then the train would sound when the lights show would flash and it reminded me of the 4th of July and those darn Piccolo Pete firecracker.

Shortly after loosing all 3 balls I ran to my father and he said "here honey." as he handed me more quarters. 


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28 days ago

That’s such a cute, well written story. I love a good daddy/daughter story, just wish my 28yr old baby liked pinball more! Lol. You should definitely get a Comet pin for your collection to relive that moment anytime you want. ENJOY!!

25 days ago

@GottPremierS Thanks so much. I do have my eye on one, but then again my eye is all over the place. Currently on an Indiana jones, Sopranos, Shrek, Elton John. oh geez I need to get a grip on my wondering eye. hahaha.

22 days ago

Great write-up! Such good universal memories growing up, and being so reliant upon our parents to generously give us quarters to transport us to a different realm where electronic overload could take over. It’s so funny because I totally remember what songs were playing in the background when I played games as a kid too. Thanks for the read

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