Roller Drome

By konjurer

August 19, 2015

6 years ago

My first exposure to pinball was at the Roller Drome, an old wooden floor skating rink in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  The Roller Drome had a little room with 3 or 4 machines.  This was pre-Pong but I guess you could call it an arcade.  I rarely had quarters to play but I loved to watch.  I would beg my parents for quarters but my father, being the practical man he was, didn't see the point in dropping quarters into a machine for a few minutes of entertainment.  Occasionally I would find a quarter in the coin return or on the floor, left by a careless pinballer. The old 1950s era roller rink closed a few years later when a futuristic skating rink with a powder blue concrete floor and disco lighting opened.  By that time the early video game machines had edged out the old pinball machines.  Fast forward about 40 years and I now realize I can actually own a pinball machine of my very own.  What a wonderful world we live in.


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3 years ago

If you are in the Cedar Rapids area, let's get together for some pinball.

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