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1 year ago
This is probably the highest rated game for me to date. Rush is a dream theme for me and it didn't disappoint. This is Borg's best design with lots of satisfying shots, great flow and speed. Other than the time machine, Rush doesn't have a lot of toys but it doesn't need them as its a blast to shot. Even with the lack of toys, Rush Pro is packed with stuff on the playfield - third flipper, subway, two scoops, an outer and an inner orbit, three ramps, a path diverter and a bank of stand-ups! I ordered the Pro as the extra features did not seem worth the extra dollars and I'm not regretting that decision. Code is fun with a lot to do. Weak point is the Pro artwork which is very good but not great.
3 years ago
One of those games that wasn't really on my radar but always found myself dumping money in Monster Bash Remake at the arcade when I was really there to check out the new Sterns like Munsters. Just a fun, fun game and had the chance to pick up an SE for a great price.

There are a few quirks on mine that probably need dialed in but the biggest annoyance is making it up the left bride ramp. If the ball doesn't make it up it is a slow roll back down.

The improved light, display and sound on the SE are easily worth the extra but you can't go wrong with the classic either. Non-pinball people seem to love it as well. Great gateway drug pinball machine.
5 years ago
Played for 2 hours before this review. Brutal, difficult game. But a helluva lotta fun.

Art - absolutely beautiful. Probably one of the most detailed art packages in pinball. The backglass artwork and lighting is amazing. Personally, I love the sinister Houdini on the playfield. API did a great job sprinkling historical references all over the pin.

Music and Callouts - The general theme soundtrack is almost on par with TNA but with far less variety than a TNA. The production of the soundtrack is top notch. The voice acting sounds very much of the period in which Houdini lived - sounds like my old Edison record player from the 1910s. The game uses music and callouts to generate tension and excitement as modes are executing.

Lighting - at the time of this review, the programmer is stated that the light shows are not completed yet. But so far, wow! Again, not quite TNA lightshows but doing much more that Stern is with RGB leds. Considering that there is only one model (no Premiums, LEs, etc.) the complete use of RGBs is impressive. It does have a dark playfield but it's lit well.

Toys and Detail - This machine is an excellent value. Lots of mechs, toys and attention to detail. Custom molded "mods" come standard such as the milkcan, the Ouiji board planchette, theater spot lights and the steamer trunk. The stage mech is deceptively cool. It functions as a bash toy but with far more functionality that some of Stern's bash toys of recent memory.

Playfield Layout - I thought it was very unique. Not your typical fan. Not so much a flow game. More stop and shot. Obviously, the shots on the right side are tighter than most games. I consider myself a below average player and I was hitting the difficult shots with more frequency than the tight shots on my KISS Pro. This layout will be fun and challenging at home. I LOVE the 2 shots through the pops! What a clever layout - nice work Balcer.

Animation/Display - I was critical of the animations before I actually saw it in person. They are not JJP quality but they're good indeed. The game teaches you the rules better than any game I can think of. Some people will find that annoying but you can dial it way down in the game settings.
6 years ago
What can I add that other haven't already. Super fun game that I'd love to have in my collection some day. It's easy to understand of for newbies to learn. The castle toy is one of the best in pinball. I love the build up to multiball. Minor annoyance is how packed the playfield is with inserts.
6 years ago
Great looking game. I want to like it. I keep pumping in quarters to force myself to like it. I just don't like it. Too many cheap drains. Feels unfair. Hate the flipper gap and angle.
6 years ago
Don't own one but I did get a chance to play around 6 games on one of the first production games at the factory. Freaking fun. Fastest game I think I've ever played. You can't look away for any length of time or the game will punish you. Interesting thought... I don't like brutal, punishing games like GB. TNA, while fast and brutal, never feels unfair. But you feel do like the machine is fighting you. You know you have to hit risky shots to advance in the game so you best attempt to get a multiball to avoid some risk. Everything feels silky smooth on the game.

The art package is excellent. The playfield art is subdued but it all comes alive with the most amazing pinball light show I've ever seen. The game feels solid. The playfield looks great. Charlie let us see the test rig shooting balls onto a playfield and it seems to be holding up very well...no chipping or ghosting. Overall, I think this machine is a great value at the price and whether you have a big collection or a tiny one like mine, you can't go wrong with TNA.
7 years ago
I've been frequenting a couple arcades in my area that have at least 14 of the Pinside top 50. I keep coming back to KISS. It is flat out fun to play. The flow is great. The layout is clean and the ramps easy to nail - except for the right ramp which can be a challenge. Here is what I like... it makes sense. The rules are deep enough but the basic modes are very straight forward.

I grew up in the KISS era but never really liked the band much. However, I find myself rocking out to the mode songs. It's just a blast to play. The theme blends well with the art and layout. The backstage pass is fun to get. I like getting up into the STAR chamber, the super bumpers are great fun to hit, the light show kicks it, and the instruments are fun to collect. I don't understand the Cities thing...seems to be an unimplemented rule set. The demon head is fun to hit and although it drains sometimes it does have a ball save protects you from the SDTM return.

UPDATE 12/22/18 - changed rating of this game based on code release 1.41. Modes have greatly improved, 15 city combos were added and information displays and animations have improved.
7 years ago
I'm a casual pin player and this game keeps me coming back. The place I play has a great assortment of modern Stern pins such as Metallica, GoT, Tron, LoTR, and ST Pro. I have to say that this game gets most of my quarters. It's very easy to understand. The modes are clever. The upper playfield areas are easy to see and the game is well lit. The game is also veyr forgiving. It has a generous ball save which I enjoy. Overall a great experience.
7 years ago
Finally found a place to play locally! Sorry to say I hated it. Drains in like 2 seconds with no ball save. For a casual player like myself it seems way too easy to drain. If a game is fun, I'll drop a lot of money into it. However, I dropped $5 into the game and was done in about 5 minutes... no play at all.

I loved the theme, the art work and the LEDs however the overall lighting was TERRIBLE! You can't see the freaking ball. I'm sure it's a lot of fun if you're a pro, or you have it at home and don't have to feed this beast endless quarters. However, for just getting to know the game as a casual player I hated it.
7 years ago
My first pinball so of course I'm biased. Did a lot of research and watched some PAPA competition video on Future Spa and fell in love with the quirky 70's chic theme. It has a good balance of challenging shots, strategy, great artwork, and the price was within budget. I really like the asymmetrical design of the lower playfield; each side plays quite differently. And it's a great game to nudge your way out of trouble.

Overall, I'm very happy with the machine.

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