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25 days ago
Man, what to say about what is a top 3 franchise/theme for me? I’ve played enough of this game now that I have a fair feel for it.

First the theme-
Why, oh why is this ts4?!? Come on Jack, you know we want part 1, not 4!!! This is a carnival game with ts4 sprinkled in. Very disappointing, but I wanted to give it a chance.

Boring. Beautiful, but boring. The shots are way too easy, and yes I understand it’s aimed for kids and novice players. I accept that logic, just too easy for me. I seriously kept playing the longest games and kept the ball in play far too long. Ball was always in the pops too. I never felt any danger of draining, and the ball times proved it.

Beautiful! It’s a jjp. Every jjp stands out and are gorgeous

Good for novice players. Again, I get it but it’s just not for me. They do a great job of directing you where to shoot though. Rules are ok for this particular game, but will get old fast for better players.

Fun factor-
This one hurts. I expected all of the above after reading reviews, and watching all the videos on the game beforehand and was ok with all the above. I was hoping though, that the game was just fun. Sadly I wanted to walk away and leave credits on the game. It kept going, and going and going. I wasn’t having fun, and that’s always the most important feature of any game. I really hate to say that, but it’s true for me.

Game is gorgeous, but a major disappointed for a huge toy story fan here. Even at the low resale prices it sits at as of this review, I don’t think I could justify buying this game. Believe me, I hate to say that. I think Jack should go back to Disney and ask for a redo and get Toy Story 1-3, have Eric design it with a claw, a slinky dog habitrail, army men modes, Sid modes, and a boss battle wizard mode with each of the 3 movie bad guys, and make the game we all wanted. Wishful thinking I know. Some people will enjoy this game for its simplicity, but it’s just not what most people wanted, and it’s just not for me.
69 days ago
Bought a premium after playing and loving the pro on location. Tmnt is a top dream theme for me, so I knew I had to own one someday. After debating between the pro/premium I can say that either option is great. Being it’s a top theme personally however, I went premium for all the gimmicks and bolted it to the floor.

Pros- Art is spot on. I prefer the cabinet and back glass of the premium personally, but all renditions were nailed by ZY. Layout has a ton of shots. Probably the most of any of my games. When you hit any of the main shots, it’s so smooth that the ball just zings around so dang fast. Sounds are great. The voice work is terrific and really good for amateur voice actors. Very well done. The code has a ton to do, but can be a bit overwhelming. So many ways to play this thing, which is great, but also some more intricate rules that only experienced players will understand. The toys are cool, yet nothing that you would really miss owning a pro imo. The van lock is really cool, but honestly the spinning disc with a magnet is even better and that’s on the pro as well.

Cons- I’d have to say it’s just too fast. It makes it challenging, which I like, but it could have been a bit slower and easier for the general public, especially given the theme. Other gripes I have is the overall quality of the machine. The playfield doesn’t have alignment mounts from the factory, and so the playfield can shift a quarter inch or so and the plunger can hit the ball properly. I had to order the alignment mounts to hopefully fix this. Last complaint is the shaker from stern. My god it’s going to destroy me he machine it’s so intense. Don’t know if that’s a code issue or just the shaker from stern. I would recommend a shaker from pinball life instead to see if it’s less intense.

Overall, this game is a blast. After getting some time on it, I’m understanding the rules better and it really has a ton of ways to play it. I sold my favorite game Metallica for his, and wasn’t sure it was a wise choice at first, but now I’m glad I did. Metallica got repetitive, and this one, with the theme, rules, and challenge will be a forever keeper. Also, the alternate game modes are a blast that really add to the longevity. Get one. Either pro or premium. Premiums are currently discounted down to nearly pro prices, so it helps deciding.
2 years ago
Hard as hell, but fun as hell. Beautiful art, and cool playfield. Nothing too fancy, but the game is just fun. I will probably own this game someday, and if you’re a tmnt fan, it’s worth checking out.
2 years ago
Pretty cool game. Definitely one of the more creative sterns. Gameplay was longer than I expected. While I enjoyed the game, I was ready to move on after a few games, but kept winning free games. Art is cool, but not zombies best. Lots of cool ramps and rails, and the building was cool. Overall as a Godzilla fan, it’s cool, but didn’t live up to the hype for me. Still recommend people check it out though.
2 years ago
Seriously the coolest pinball experience I’ve ever played! Game is absolutely gorgeous, and the LE fits the theme of the tour the best out of all models with the actual tour poster art. The cabinet art is super glossy, and beautiful. The basics of the game are easy to understand, but after that, like most jjp games, the deep code will really require time to understand everything that’s going on. Many complained about the many multi balls, but I didn’t think they were too much, especially since most are only 2 ball. The light show obviously is unbelievable, and this game has completely dated my stern AC/DC and even Metallica some. Call outs are descriptive and really help guide you. Game plays smooth, and upper play field is cool, but honestly not really missed if you have the se. Rules are deep, and good for all skill levels. Lighting. I seriously can’t describe how amazing the light show is. Sound could be better. Speakers aren’t as crisp as previous jjp games it seems, but still good.

Play field issues were a concern before I took delivery, but I added cliffy scoop protector, and clear petg washers on all main posts. Install wasn’t as bad as it sounded, and is definitely, and unfortunately a must.

Overall if you’re a gnr fan, you can’t not love this game. Jjp truly is on another level here, and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Just get the qc down jjp, and you’re golden. This game without the qc concerns is as close to perfect as possible if you like the theme.
3 years ago
Fun game. Art is just ok. Something about the art on all packages that just doesn’t do it for me. Would have preferred a movie asset game with artwork to match. They did pretty good though without assets. Definitely a game to go LE or premium on to get the moving t-Rex. A game I enjoy and could buy at some point. I do like the rules, and it’s pretty simple to get the hang of. Call outs are a bit off sounding , but they work. If you like Jurassic park as a theme, this will be a hit.
4 years ago
Playfield was really dark and hard to see. The game is beautiful like all jjp games. It was difficult to understand what to shoot though. I like the LCD animations but I couldn't tell what I was supposed to do. It definitely would have been better to do a similar formula like woz with more movie scenes and to follow the movie better. I just need more time to figure it out. The game was packed with shots though, and I really wanted to keep playing to see what I could open up. Game did have the dreaded pooling and chipped clear coat already as well. Overall, I would love to own this game in a collection in order to explore it more.
4 years ago
The pro really has no toys to wow a player. Game was fun. Animations were good along with sounds. Call outs sounded odd. Art was ok, but not Stern's best attempt. I would have much rather had licensed asset's, but they did pretty good with making an original JP story. Overall it was cool, but the pro looked more packed than it really is as far as things interacting with the ball. It had plenty of shots which is good, but the premium is the way to go here IMO just to have more ball interaction and wow factor.. Not knocking the game as it was cool, but after a few plays I was ready to move on.
5 years ago
Super fun, and super fast. I love the basic rules that anyone can understand easily. Sounds and music are great. It's intense, and fun. A great multiplayer game. Rules aren't deep enough to hold interest in a small collection, but this is a must own in larger collections.
5 years ago
Pro just has nothing on play field. Game is still fun, but there is zero wow factor here. I like playing, but will never buy this one. Good to play a few games on location, but if buying, premium is way to go. The shots were a little tight, and the layout was very basic. You're definitely playing the LCD and sounds on this title, and nothing really on play field to interact with ball. A let down for sure, but still fun on location.
5 years ago
Compared to newer games, I wasn't wanting to play anymore after a few games. Didn't pull me in right away. I'm not a fan of the theme though, so that's a huge factor for me.
5 years ago
Game was just ok for me. Game was good for a tournament, but got boring after several plays. Rules are good. Art wasn't great. Theme doesn't do anything for me. An ok game, but not one I'd buy.
5 years ago
I would own this in a bigger collection. Beautiful machine, and it is a lot of fun with friends. Not sure if it would last too long in a small collection, but it is pretty cool. Love Jackie box and gambling multiball.
5 years ago
Fun game. Didn't live up to the hype at first, but liked it more the more I played it. Pretty clunky and cheap feeling unfortunately. Not one I'd probably buy although I love the theme and looks. Pretty fun and easy to understand though. I will enjoy playing it on location.
5 years ago
Not the Starwars game I was hoping for, but still fun. Art is bland, but I can live with it. Hyperloop is cool when it's actually active. I would have liked to see the hyperloop as a ball lock with more usage. Rules and screen are confusing, but I like the modes, and mini wizard modes are sweet. Overall, I like playing it and would still like to own one. I was very dissapointed with it when released, but it's growing on me. I will say this though, if it wasn't the Starwars license and sounds attached to this game, I wouldn't be interested in the table at $7k plus price tags, but the license carries the entire table as much as it can.
5 years ago
Love the gimmicks and toys. The theme is an easy win. I hate the flipper gap, but makes it a good challenge.i would own one of these if I had a bigger collection. Fun game, but definitely a rough playing game that will frustrate casual players.
5 years ago
Ok game. Didn't live up to the hype for me. Still much prefer acdc and Metallica, even Aerosmith to this one. To be fair, I'm not a big fan of the band, so that didn't help. Art was cool, animations didn't do much for me. Plays smooth, but lacks any really cool toys. Good sound. Not one I'd ever own, but will enjoy on location a few games.
6 years ago
Great game and theme. Nice change of pace compared to newer Stern's. I love the rules, and depth. Machine feels slightly clunky compared to newer Sterns, but still feels good. Lots of great toys and art on playfield. I like the cabinet art, but it's definitely dated with the print quality. Overall, my whole family loves this game and the many things to do with the game plan. Simpsons will stay around for a long time. A color dmd is a must to.
7 years ago
Bought hobbit mainly because we love woz and wanted a quality product with a different feel from our other machines. We love the theme, looks, and feel. As far as gameplay, it has exceeded all my expectations. It is quite possibly my favorite game. It's challenging, fast(not stern fast, but fast), and has such a fun unique rule set with intense wizard modes and multiball. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a deep game with beautiful looks and lighting. It is truly a work of art and a refreshing change of pace. Update, this game is even better now with updated code. It has the best theme integration I have ever seen. Great game jjp.
Edit- newest code has put the final polish and immersion this game needed. The toys are used better, and the rules/callouts are much improved on an already stellar game. Great job jjp.
8 years ago
The prettiest game ever! Most advanced technology, and super deep rules for longevity. Game is a bit clunky however. Upper play fields are cool and used really well. If game wasn’t clunky shooting, it could be about perfect. A keeper for us though.
8 years ago
One of the best looking and sounding classics ever. Unique playfield too. Love it.
9 years ago
I have owned a nib pro led version for a few weeks now, and never thought I would say this, but I may like it even more than my ac/dc premium which is my all-time favorite pinball game. I've never seen a better looking machine as far as the art and toys. It's very vibrant with colors, and after adding some of the best mods pinball has to offer for a game, it just sucks you in to keep playing. It's easy enough to play as a novice, but challenging enough for the pro's. Metallica music has been growing on me since researching this game for several months prior to purchase, and now I love the band as well. Compared to the premium versions, the pro really holds up well. The lighting is good, and with the creeping death light rails, it really pops. Other than the hammer missing and light show, the pro has it all. I'm very happy with this purchase, and all the mods keep it really fun to change up too. Great job Stern!

Edit...I play this game more than anything else in my collection even all these years later. I now fully understand the aspects of the game better, and it's just a pure rush. By far
usually my guests favorite as well. Such an adrenaline rush.
9 years ago
I own and love this game. Everybody lines up to play this machine at my arcade. The music pumps you up even if not an AC/DC fan. It is awesome, and just plain fun. The rules are unique, and challenging, yet novice players can still do well, and have fun. This is a complete adrenaline rush. Needs a mini wizard mode imo though. Difficulty keeps me coming back.
9 years ago
Love this game. People can't stop playing to high score on this game when they come over. This is one of my all time favorites. Multi-ball is AWESOME!

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