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8 years ago
I have had my Star Wars machine for about 12 years now, and have recently updated it
with the new 20th anniversary software.

First for the game:

I really love the theme, the music and the very smooth flow!
The playfield looks great and hits the Star Wars feel spot on.

The 2 toys are great looking, and the moving R2-D2 always puts a smile on my face! :)

This game does not have a wizard mode, but I have never missed it, because it's so much fun
playing through the game modes and the brilliant tri-ball mode. Time after time it feels absolutely satisfying.

For a long time shooting the ramp was a very easy way for cheap points, but this has recently changed with the new software from !

The new 1.04 software is simply amazing!

I have been playing the game with the new software for a week now and I love it! Finally the game has a ball saver that works and scoring is balanced in a great way.

It's amazing that when a ball drains early, you expect the ball is over, so the surprise of the ball saver feels extra good!

Seeing the bonus rise when playing a good game is great too, it finally pays off in bonus to play better. Newly used voice callouts feel refreshing and with the lower hit requirement for the AT-AT mode it becomes a mode being able to finish with skill!

The game feels much more complete and it now plays much better!

Star Wars already was a keeper but after this upgrade I'm even more sure to never get rid of this one!
8 years ago
I think the machine is pretty good, but the music in this game was a real no-no for me. I have owned this machine for a pretty short time, but I couldn't get used to the music, and because that is a major aspect for me, the feel was just not right.

Overall I think that the game gets interesting when you're playing a really good game, but when not playing good (for me that's most common ;)) the action just didn't do it for me.