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8 years ago
Good theme. Clean design. Quality build. Very good price point for what you get. Stair case and elevator are well done and creative. Very poor lighting and sub-par sound/voice/music. Lot of drains, though I am an average player at best. Overall, just didn't do it for me
11 years ago
A great theme. Humor is excellent. A very unique looking game. Callouts are excellent and the Spider game is very unique and integrates well with the PF action. Game rules are not deep but I see that as an advantage when sitting along side deeper pins in a collection. Only negative is that's it's not a "family friendly" theme.
11 years ago
The video integration is excellent. A good effort to mesh video and pinball. Very creative for the time and a blast to play.
11 years ago
Fast play times is a nice change from some of the longer playing Stern titles. Sound and music is quite impressive. Iron Monger toy is well done. Easy to understand game rules is a plus if you are looking for quicker game times. Though a minimalist approach was taken with the playfield it is a very strong effort from Stern. Woudn't recommend it for a single pin collection but definitely if you have another long playing pin like LOTR or very deep/complex one like TSPP.
12 years ago
An outstanding game. The theme, design, artwork, sound, game play, toys are ALL excellent. Even the very best pins have 1 or 2 weaknesses with several other strengths to compensate for the weak points. But MM is strong in all areas - a great pin. There's only one pin I would give all 10's to, and this is the one. For those complaining about it's cost, there's a reason it commands what it does. I've played all of the top 10 pins, MM stands apart from the other 9.

Update: I've now owned MM for 6 months - awesome pin.
12 years ago
This game is VERY over-rated, IMO. Over 20,000 of these games were made (as compared to an average of 1,500- 2,000 for most games from that era) so lots of owners with inflated ratings. Music is irritating .
12 years ago
A great looking game. Theme is timeless and will fit nicely in a home game room. The playfield design is stop-and-go and requires skilled shots to fully experience the games rule set. The audio and music is also very well done. I've had no issues with the ship 'breaking' and I have the guards removed. Perhaps it's more of an issue for routed games as opposed to home use.
12 years ago
Overall, a very good pin. Theme, looks, play, sound all well integrated. A "flow" design vs stop-n-go. A minor point, I don't care for all the actors faces/head shots on the plastics. I realize it's based on the movies but would prefer they took the same approach on the PF plastics as they did the back box.
12 years ago
I own the LE version of this pin. If your are a fan of both LOTR and pinball this is a must own. Deep ruleset ensures long-term playability. Given the theme and "action" figures a multitude of custom mods can be made to keep the playfield fresh. The only negative is that the sound quality is poor, the voices/music/effects are excellent, but sound quality is poor. I'll be looking to upgrade my speaker.
12 years ago
I purchased this primarily for the magic theme and I liked the over all look of this pin. Some complain about the serial rule set but I actually prefer that as it makes for a MUCH more challenging game and therefore long term playability is excellent. The toys are over the top in this pin. The only concern I have is the availability of Capcom parts given they made so few pins. That aside, I love this machine.

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