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2 years ago
Meteor is a really fun game and great bang for your buck. It never gets old ripping the spinner and the ample amount of drop targets give you plenty to shoot for.
3 years ago
Spider-Man is a good solid game. I really like the artwork on the vault edition, just not crazy about the sounds, callouts, and music.
3 years ago
Lotr is an incredibly immersive pinball machine and its theme is incredibly well integrated. The rule set is fantastic in that it’s easy to understand yet hard to master.
3 years ago
Wasn’t crazy about the call outs, music, and art but love everything else about it. Great pin overall. Has some very cool features for sure: the ball lock, upper playfield, and diverters on the ramps controlled by alternate buttons are awesome. Multiple ways to play, so it doesn’t get old.
3 years ago
There were times I loved it and times I loathed it. Music, art, sounds, lightshow are incredible (although lightshow can be blinding). It’s an absolute blast when you get it rolling but the ratio of fun versus frustration can be vexing at times. Lot of satisfying shots but they are tight. Code is very deep but also very complex. I had some great games where I am not sure what I did and was not sure I wanted to put that much time into studying for it to find out.
3 years ago
I loved Demoman and would still have it if I had the room and less of a desire to play lots of different games in my home. What I loved:

1) several extrordinarily satisfying shots (the thunk of of the computer scoop, the thrill of hitting the left loop hard enough to feed the sinkhole, feeding the claw when lit are the ones I like best)

2) fantastic flow as many others have said

3) sounds, music and call outs and quality I think are top notch.

4) it is not the deepest code (you will see demolition regularly and maybe at some point more than once in a game) but there are a lot of different ways to play. You can focus on combos (center, scoop, left ramp), you can turn the claw off and force yourself through the modes; you can go for demolition time, you can choose to stack modes, build your bonus, etc. Most choose multiball over and over but it’s cool to snowball the other modes as well.

5) 4 different multiballs with super jackpots achievable in each but also a super, super jackpot that is that gives you a score based on all jackpots accumulated......if you hit it

6) The handles just feel great playing. I think too many forego them because of their novelty but it’s their loss. The game also rewards you for using them via combos and Easter eggs by using the top buttons (one jackpot that you choose in multiball, one in acmag among several others) but it also

The artwork and translite are not the best but it’s not photoshopped and I think the side art is decent. Demoman is not ever going to impress as other machines will as a work of art but it’s a great pinball machine. I would also recommend, as I would with any older machine to rebuild the flippers as it really shines with rebuilt flippers.