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3 years ago
Good game if you love to nudge!
3 years ago
Fun game, looking forward to playing the remake!
3 years ago
I just LOVE this game! The repeatable loop shots and sweepable drop targets just make my day! And isn't it nice to see pop bumpers that actually do something? And having two spinners is just icing on the cake! Definitely the best Stern to come out in the past 10 years!
3 years ago
Fun game!
3 years ago
What a great game! Currently my favorite game to play on location and (so far) the only NIB pinball that I would ever consider purchasing. Really hoping that we see some more games like this in the future. Scott Danesi is Awesome!
4 years ago
Great game!
4 years ago
I don't usually like symmetrical playfields but this game is amazingly addictive. This is the 2 player version of Spirit of 76 so that means a little less fun in a larger group but still a tremendous amount of fun.
4 years ago
I don't usually like symmetrical playfields but this game is amazingly addictive.
4 years ago
Got to play this at a tournament. Great game.
4 years ago
Great drop target game!
4 years ago
Lots of fun, enjoy playing this one!
4 years ago
Good tournament game
4 years ago
Very lucky to get a chance to play this on location. Love those chimes!
4 years ago
Fun game, great Classic Stern!
4 years ago
Such a fun game, love Tina Fey's callouts! Always a blast to destroy that castle.
4 years ago
Honestly, this game should get a 10 out of 10 just for bringing back in-line drop targets! This is the pin I always play on location, even though I am not a huge Metallica fan.
5 years ago
Fun, a nice addition to the "Pin Bot Family"
5 years ago
Beautiful machine, wish I could afford one!
5 years ago
Fun Stern game. Interesting factoid: Stern used the EXACT same ROMs in both the 1977 Stingray and in their 1977 "Pinball by Stern". But other than the same startup music (which kicks ass), both machines offer a unique playing experience. Play both and truly appreciate what can be accomplished by "moving a few things around!".
5 years ago
Love this game. The sounds are a little wimpy but that's my only negative. Perfect game to learn some tap passing!
5 years ago
Even in attract mode this game is a winner!
5 years ago
Love that fan...
5 years ago
Seems impossible to find these on location. Remember it fondly back in the day.
5 years ago
How many toys is too many? Are mini playfields a waste of space? Do people need to see the ball to enjoy the game? Thanks to TZ we finally have an answer to all those questions. I played this game a lot in the 90's and I just didn't enjoy it as much as others. Way too cluttered.
5 years ago
Sound - Chimes! Four of them! Even the spinner has its own chime, which is so rewarding to hear when you are ripping it! The short song that plays at the beginning of a game really sets the tone. You are about to lose a bunch of quarters and it's going to happen very quickly!

Artwork - The retro 1940's cartoon theme is great - a giant invading pinball is steamrolling the city streets. Cars are racing away, people are diving into manholes and even the buildings are bending to get out of the way! Artwork on backglass is really well-coordinated with the artwork on both the playfield and cabinet stencils.

Lighting - Backglass lighting really compliments the artwork. Love the individually lit windows, the lit headlights on the 1940's automobile, and the glowing title of the machine emblazoned on the giant Pinball.

Gameplay - This game plays surprisingly fast, with lots of random ball movement. Expect lots of side-to-side motion of the ball, a formidable challenge when trying to avoid those nasty, hungry outlanes. Be warned, the middle pop bumper is completely unobstructed and can easily fire the ball straight down the middle! Ball times are very short, perfect for a home-use multi-player machine (no time for boredom to set in).

Strategy (Replay vs. Points) - If you are trying to get a replay, knock down all five drop targets (twice) to light the Special. To get the Special, you must sacrifice your ball in the lit Outlane.
If you are playing for points, use the lit rollovers to max the bonus to 100,000 while simultaneously trying to light the triple bonus.

Final comments - For Stern's very first attempt at a Solid State machine, they did a great job. It's a family-friendly theme with great EM sound, and is so much fun. Getting the Special is such an addictive, "I just won the lottery!" experience. I can't walk away, just one more game!