Visit at the Budapest flipper museum

Visit at the Budapest flipper museum

By Klokkie

August 12, 2018

38 days ago

During our round trip holiday in the Eastern part of Europe we did visit some very beautifull places like Berlin, going south another point of interest is ofcourse the camp Auschwitz in Poland. It is sad to see what happend and how crazy people can be but needs to be rememberd.

The journey went from Poland towards Czech republic and Slovakia republic to Hungary. The place to visit is ofcourse the beautifull  Budapest  , the city is amazing and also very important it has a flipper museum. 

It was more then worth to visit it and the family did have fun playing all the machines available to play on.

The collection is from the older EM ones till the newer machines. We spend more then 2 hours but then need to leave to get the latest bus back to our mobilhome.

When you are in Budapest the flipper museum needs on your bucket list.

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