It is a Serenade

It is a Serenade

By Klokkie

January 30, 2018

10 months ago

The addiction is getting more and more. After starting to collect Williams pinball's from 1966 and up the passion is also changed to the older machines. After meeting another addict and talking about screen printing the backglasses the attention was moved to get this working.

I build 2 screen printing machines ( one for my friend and the other for me) and in the process of that the attention was going to the older art work of early 1950 to 1960 machines. At the moment i am in the process of making the screen printing ready and the files for the screens.

The planning is to have the first backglass ready within 2 months and then restore my Strato Flite first and hopefully also the Serenade (united ) will be underway for restauration too.

The United Serenade has been arrived and is looking very very beautifull, i cannot wait to play the machine. The 4 legs are missing ( i did know this ) so the correct wood is ordered and the CNC milling machine is ready to go when the wood comes in. I already did a test with some regular wood to see if the program was written oke and no problems found. 

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