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1 year ago
Underated game that gets a bad rap because people compare it to the Williams Indy. Stands well on it's own merit. Try to buy one and they are hard to come by, people hold on to this game because of the theme and the gameplay is above average.
1 year ago
Awesome gameplay the rules the sounds the theme integration is amazing. It draws you in and you want to play it again and again. The Alien team has produced a very addicting game mission accomplished.
5 years ago
Just a classic table it was a head of it 's time in 1990 and is still fun today. Another Lawlor gem that will never seem outdated.
5 years ago
Maybe the best all around pinball ever produced theme,toys and gameplay are as good as it gets in pinball.
5 years ago
This is a fun game it has easy to understand rules with reachable goals . The transporter animation is cool and the artwork is excellent.If the Star Trek theme appeals to you its a good addition.I feel it is an super bang for your buck type of game if you can find one.
6 years ago
Super game I had never played this machine until I had a chance to buy one. I sure am glad I pulled the trigger on this one. Sttng is great fun and possibly the best executed themed game in all of pinball.
7 years ago
Congo is simply a lot of fun. It has variety of shots the volcano ramp and the Amy ramp are both very unique. Skillfire and Midnight Madness are very cool features along with the under playfield this game has a lot going on. The rules are not real deep but they are very straightforward which make the game fun for all levels of players. I think the game has a very solid feel to it and should be rated higher. To me I would have Congo at the top of the bang for my buck list.
7 years ago
Fast and furious a game that is a adrenaline rush and makes you a better player because of the way it plays.
7 years ago
The more I play this pin the better it gets. It simply has the entire package a variety of shots that are fun for novice and experienced players. Superb lighting and sound the rules are very simple but can be a challenge. The combo shots get me pumped the wizard modes are attainable and fun. I think someday it will be a top five pin.
7 years ago
This is probably the game I have played the most over the last several years.I still enjoy playing it when I get a chance. It has many many enjoyable shots accuracy is rewarded and the theme is second to none. The intensity really builds as you get deep into this game. Just a fun pin I have never grown tired of.