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13 days ago
Had this game for 5 nights and about 35 plays myself .What can I possibly say ? This is a as close to a perfect pin as it gets for me .The art package is second only to IMDN for me as there’s interesting pieces all over this thing .The playfield layout is a perfect 10 and better than any other pin I’ve played .I’ll describe it as controllable high speed once you get the shots down .The shots are laid out very nicely with color changes and there’s more Flo than Mel’s Diner in this pin .I watched Flipinouts latest tutorial and the code has become very clear in a shorter time than any other for me and I’m getting further/faster because of it .As I’ve said before ,anything Rayday or Tanio are involved in will have my full attention .I’m just getting started ,yet there’s plenty of paths to take from the plunge .The sounds of this game rival Metallica’s to me and I really like the factory default to where the music is in the background which lets the callouts (more is on the way ,relax) guide you through your options .The animations are Sterns best and Team Danger got this music pin right by adding a very cool storyline .What’s better than Rock and Aliens ? The added Foo Bot MB song will have you dancing whether you want to or not . I spent some time dialing it in but all done with leg adjustments .I didn’t have to tweak any part on this game to get it creamy smooth .The scoring seems as balanced out of the gate as any other nib I’ve purchased which is very nice when your spending this much coin .This pin is a Damn Combo Robot and the Combotron is the offspring of it .All this and we’re only at .94 so the sky is not the limit here as we’re already there .I thinking Gemini missions here ,people .Team Danger has set its course for outer space travel !
9 months ago
We have had this game for some time now and it has solidified itself in our lineup of 4 as we’ve voted to keep it ahead of a Rush LE and MET prem we sold/are selling to keep this game here .It’s unique and after dialing the game in as we want it (it’s pitched about as high as I can go ) it’s very easy to get all the rules down ,hit plunge and play a awesome game of pinball .I’d imagine this will have long ass legs here .It’s a powerhouse of a Theme and all around done very ,very well .In other words , One bad ass pin !
1 year ago
I was a huge fan of Rush as a kid, then over time veered away for other sounds .I’m exited to be catching up now because of this pin .Although I’m having a little trouble dialing the shots in via leveling and pitch , I can’t help but think this might end up being my favorite layout of all .There’s a lot to do with the upper flipper including banking in the time machine that happens often and if you catch a floater you can cradle and hit either stand up target around the right ramp on top of the main 3 shots .Having control of the diverter is priceless :) .Plenty of risk/reward with having a real option of which way to play it is how it should be .I think they did a great job in that some modes you want to use MB first to boost and others (longer songs) you probably want to bring the MB in if that makes sense .Another thing is that there are so many random bounces or banks that end up doing something good it’s insane .Feel good moments are plenty .Bottom line there’s a lot to figure out and that’s exactly what I want putting a pin in our home .Lastly, every aspect of this pin (shots,lighting,callouts,screen)blends together so well .It’s truly a “feel good” game to play and it’s still very young :)
1 year ago
North / South pinball at its very best ! No wonder they rarely come up for sale .Welded to the floor :)
2 years ago
This is a killer machine no pun!!! I played 20 games last week to decide what to buy for my 2nd and IM premium won by a landslide nothing was really close !

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