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1 year ago
played the first game off the line, so this is all based on very early code and possible adjustments that could be needed.

I think the theme is wonderful and the concepts of game are great. I have played it about 5 times now and there a lot of things that i like about it. The ability to choose your character adds some variation to the game. The multiple return feeds to the flippers feel great.

I am excited to see where this goes from game #2 to game 1000+
8 years ago
I really enjoy this machine. The call outs are funny and campy. Being able to replace the sounds is a plus. Lighting is great.
Wish there was a colored screen for animations.
10 years ago
I have had my ECWOZLE for about a month now and it keeps me coming back for more every time.
11 years ago
played this a couple of times and i actually like it. while i am not a die hard fan of AC/DC, i do enjoy their music and think this is a good game.
12 years ago
This is the other Pinball 2000 game. It has a monitor that plays onto the playfield in order to give a 3d look to the animations. A fun game if you have extra space.
12 years ago
While this is the first game i ever owned, i wouldn't be too upset if i sold it. It is fun, but compared to some of the newer games it just seems slow. There is really only one shot and that is to get it up to the upper playfield. Once up there you really are just trying to get it into the castle.
12 years ago
A fun game to play, making the robot come to life is amazing.
12 years ago
This is a fun game with a unique addition. Besides the playfield there is a monitor that shines down to give a 3d look to the animations. I currently own one of these and love playing it.
12 years ago
This is one of my personal favorites and currently in my collection. This game is so deep that it is crazy. I play it almost daily and have still to beat, or even get close to beating, certain parts.

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