Desert dweller. Sorceress. Pinball addict.

By Kid_Chud

December 10, 2021

47 days ago

Growing up in the 80’s arcades were the place to be as a kid. When I was super little I’m told I was very attracted to pinball machines cause I loved how they looked and liked all the ‘little toys’ inside the playfield. I loved playing video games like any kid might but I always found myself gravitating towards pinball -the lights, sounds, physics.. it’s all there and the combo seems to really ignite something in me. When I find a game I really like I get obsessive, I play it over and over trying to figure out the different shots, modes and animations. I enjoy competing with myself more than anything -always trying to better my personal best or perfecting a certain shot. I hope one-day to compete in more tournaments as I enjoy socializing with other pinheads and I find I get better when playing with and watching others- seeing how they approach the same game I was just playing.

Someday I hope to own a few pins myself- they’re expensive, can be a challenge to maintain, and do take up space. This is something I hope to make happen, as much as I like to play out in the wild, to have my own game to play at anytime would be a dream come true. I find pinball to be a good stress reliever that helps me focus; a sort of meditation.

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14 days ago

I certainly hope that you do. I do feel pinball can be a great meditative release - short enough you can squeeze in a game between tasks, but engaging enough to drown own all other thoughts.

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