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8 months ago
Instant classic. The oval pinball chute that spins the ball in a loop is awesome. I'd be happy if this was the only pin I owned. Epic machine.
8 months ago
What an experience. Fighting the demogorgon is a blast. Has the "one more game" effect that so many talk about. Art and animations are top tier. Impressive.
8 months ago
Tons of gimmicks and ramps. Impressive for year of release. Not something I would have in my collection. Art did not age well. If you are into early 90's teenager comic style art, you will love it. Just doesn't have lastasbility of what makes a classic. Time capsule of 90's cheesiness.
8 months ago
Hitting the top left and right ramps over and over is addicting. Flippers play very smooth. Display mirrored on playfield is not a gimmick and is impressive given the date of release. This game isn't discussed enough. The example I played seemed to have an underlit playfield.
8 months ago
Music is top tier... honestly. Mitchell's art is cheesy. Not a fan of the art style of translite. Gameplay and music blew me away. Cabinet glass design is so late 80's. Love this machine. I personally own a great example. Game plays fast. The U in the top right of the playfield with the spinner is one of the cleanest shots from Gottlieb.
9 months ago
One of 6 of Gottlieb's street level games. Marketed to put in bars and restaurants and easy for anyone to walk up and play. For a street level game, it has tons of rules and objectives so gameplay is NEVER dull. Trudeau added shots all over. Tip: add blue and red (cop car) LED's near the flippers, blue and red flashers on the playfield, and red flashers on the uzi on the backglass that fires in succession for each arrest you have at the end of play. Elevates the fun factor. Music is suprisingly great for the era and the sound effects are top tier. Gottlieb's excel in flipper action and sound effects/music. Can play for hours. Shoot for jackpot, pop bonus, and red/yellow badges for high score. Underrated 90's machine.