The Knight arrives for battle

By KickahaOta

May 09, 2020

27 days ago

Today was a red-letter day (well, more of a tri-color-LED letter day): the arrival of my first home pin. A Black Knight: Sword of Rage Premium, after several decades of hovering around the scene, and being laid off from Williams before I could even start the job.

It was quite something to see that big Stern box in the van, and quite something else to see the two clearly-experienced pinball techs carrying it up to my doorstep with their bare hands.

I would have loved to hover over them as they unpacked the machine, but sadly I had to remain in my office/COVID bunker, emerging only briefly for pictures and refreshing cola beverages.

After seeing the complaints about Stern NIB machines arriving with various flaws around the posts, I'm glad to say that the playfield looks immaculate. (So far.)

The first game I played, I got to the last ball, and the machine started feeding multiple balls to the shooter lane... oh no, there's something wrong with the trough... and the lower flippers are dead... this is bad... I'm going to give those installers a piece of my oh wait I forgot how Last Chance works. I never realized it was possible to be that embarrassed while standing alone in my home.

Anyway, it kicked my butt for the first hour of play, but better too hard than too easy for a home pin. And then I gradually got my shots dialed in. When I started the KNIGHT multiball for the first time and heard that mix of classic BK2K music and BK sounds kick in... that sent chills up my spine.

I'm already thinking how nice a Jurassic Park would look next to it. Please send help.

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18 days ago
Two featured stories in a row! A feller could get a swelled head from this sort of attention.

Also, I may have put in an order for the Jurassic Park. Possibly. *glance* *glance*
18 days ago
17 days ago
That’s awesome! Within 3 months I was already buying my 2nd pin. It’s hard to keep it at one. Thanks for sharing that experience.
16 days ago
welcome to the sickness... I mean "hobby" congrats! :)
16 days ago
Just like potato chips you can’t stop at one.
16 days ago
Congrats. Let the addiction begin.
14 days ago
“Please send help!” I’m afraid it’s already too late. As long as you have funds and space they will multiply till an external force (Usually the wife) exerts more pressure than your desire to own more pins.

Welcome to the madhouse.

BTW JP is the perfect choice for a 2nd pin.
11 days ago
Pinball machines and hotrods are addictions that every woman should love too. I wish I could use transcendental mental tactics in her sleep to find her awaken and say hey " We need another pinball machine!!" Congrats on Black Knight. I was pessimistic about the reveal, but playing the game blew my mind!!!

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