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4 months ago
It really doesn't get much better than this, one could argue that it's "toy" (a fan!) is still perhaps the most well integrated device in a game ever seen in pinball even to this day! I've owned three in the ten years I've been collecting and it's taken owning a bunch of cool (design and rule wise) Sterns to truly come back and appreciate the subtle charms and challenge that this machine holds: it's a high watermark for it's era and an all time achievement for pinball.
7 months ago
It just doesn't get much better than this, pure pinball magic.
7 months ago
Underrated and under appreciated gem of a game, it will keep you coming back for more.
2 years ago
I first played BKSOR on location shortly after it first came out at Portland's totally awesome pinball bar, Wedghead and I was immediately impressed by it and dumped a good 5 bucks in within a 1/2 hr. Afterwards, I thought about the game more and more and filed it in my "must own this one for a hot minute" list. Steve Ritchie has delivered with this title in a very big way! I recently picked up a PRO and have it set up at home, the game is just an old school asskicker that constantly commands that you push that start button "one more time" after your final drain. All of the shots are satisfying and well thought out here; it takes a subtle touch and a good amount of recovery skills to balance out the potential risk/reward in regards to hitting them either directly or indirectly. YOU WILL BE PUNISHED SEVERELY FOR REACTIONARY SHOTS!!!!

Without hesitation I'd say that this one slays Ritchie's two prior entries in the BK series, kudos to the entire design team for making a nicely unified box of mostly old fashioned pinball magic! The V.O. is a little more cornball than I would have personally went with but the sound design and score? Bonkers good and along with the truly kickass animations I think it may possibly be the most successful immersive world under glass for Stern to date!

I'm going to start using old school rap quotes for my pinball review final summaries, here's my first attempt.

Trying to step to me--must be on a mission
Up on the stage is where I'mma get you at
You think I'm losing?
Psst, picture that...
- Big Daddy Kane "Ain't no Half Steppin'"
2 years ago
Currently my favorite game of all time, truly an amazing machine!
3 years ago
A garbage sequel to one of the most amazing EM games of all time, you are better off buying either the original Fireball or Fireball Classic because this game is a STINKER!
5 years ago
Way overpriced but has stood the test of time, I am a fan.
8 years ago
Quite possibly the best dual level solid state pinball machine ever created, balanced scoring, great ruleset, amazing flow and a wickedly hard playfield all come together in a truly beautiful game. If you see a decent example, don't hesitate to pick it up. One of the keepers I have come across in my 3.5 yrs of collecting games, selling it has never even been a thought.