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1 year ago
This game is a ton of fun. STERN's best two flipper game since Deadpool.
1 year ago
This is hands down the best two flipper game that released in the 1990's.

It has been faithfully recreated and improved upon. Added RGB lights, Huge color dmd, better sound system and a crazy awesome topper. (There's more, I just can't remember at the time I'm writing this)

Back in the 90's they wanted to do a "Monty Python" themed pin, this was as close as you could get without obtaining the license. Awesome game. This game is the staple for comparing it to other games. The flow is great and shots are fair. If you miss a shot, your ball is in jeopardy however in most cases you can recover if you have enough skill. The mechanisms on this game are still unrivaled to this day. The castle drawbridge, castle explosion and troll mechs are SO fun. Fit the theme perfectly and create a lot of fun for the player.

The only two flipper game that comes close to this level of perfection is Stern's Deadpool. All else pale in comparison to this incredible game.
1 year ago
This is Stern's best game in the last 10 years. The best two flipper game to come out in 20 years, and one of the greatest pinball machines ever made. There is literally nothing I would improve. if you're having trouble with this game, make sure that the pitch is set to 7.0 vs 6.5. Playfield designer George Gomez himself even says "Deadpool plays better at 7.0 degrees" The layout has a huge variety of shots, a lot of flow, fairly forgiving. The art package and animations are 10/10. The music, callouts and game sounds are a 10/10.

Again, I literally don't know how you could make this a better game. This is the total package!
1 year ago
Love this game. I have a 2 pin collection, this and Deadpool Premium. Between the two I find myself playing TMNT much more. While Deadpool is much more polished overall, TMNT is just more exciting. The light show, the multiballs, the 3rd flipper and crazy ramps and habitrails. Game is very tough but a lot of fun when you can find the groove. I've found better luck at about 6.7-6.8 degrees vs the 6.5 on my particular machine I was having a lot of trouble hitting the center ramp with the 3rd flipper until I increased the pitch.

The only complaint I have really is the difficulty mismatch vs the theme. TMNT is such a warm fuzzy theme from my childhood and then it gets coupled with such a punishing unforgiving layout with frequent slingshot to outlanes on top of right ramp post to straight down the middle in a split second. I turn off TMNT and go play Deadpool to calm down and have a smooth easy time playing pinball. Overall TMNT is a great game, deep code with lots and lots to do. Dwight Sullivan clearly loves this game and the code he wrote shows it. Lots and lots of extras. Overall 2 thumbs up, dude!