How I discovered pinball at 46 years old

By Kevlar

February 27, 2013

7 years ago

When I was growing up and there were pins everywhere I completely ignored them, walking straight past to the video game. Over the years I've played a few video pinball games but never got much into it until last year when Farsight Studios released The Pinball Arcade. Immediately I was hooked ( playing on ipad mainly ) and couldn't get enough. I decided to look around for real tables to play only to find there are none within 40 miles of my home. So I decided to buy my own in October 2012, a Getaway HS2. It was a little beat up but its in very nice condition now and plays great, don't think I'll ever sell this one. Looking forward to adding a 2nd pin later this year.


Edit...less than a year on and I now have 6 :>)

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