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9 months ago
I really like the way they have taken a great, recognizable theme but made it an original storyline that just adds to the original story! The weakest part of the game is the artwork, but everything else more than makes up for it! So many great things to say about this pin, which I think may ratings will reflect!
4 years ago
To begin I must say that Game of Thrones is not a game for the casual player. The rules are deep and difficult to understand at first. But once you gain an understanding of the rules this game is truly great. Gameplay is fast and furious, and the eight main fan-layout shots are unforgiving if not hit well! The rules are different, ingenious, and refreshing; all which fit the theme and immerse you in the battles. The sounds are great and the music is rich, deep, and classical. The shaker motor is utilized very well especially when the dragons are flapping their wings.
4 years ago
Beautiful, near-perfect pinball experience.
5 years ago
In my opinion, this is pinball perfection!
5 years ago
I can't defend the movie even though I think I am the only person who does enjoy it! And maybe that helps that I like the pin so much as well. For a movie themed pin, it implements the story very well! The layout is so unique and there are 3-4 unique shots from each flipper, all which are critical to mastering this pin. The skill shot is fun and should be mastered for later modes in the game. 2 video modes which are fun and an erupting volcano. The music and sounds are perfect for the theme. A really good pinball that should not be overlooked!
5 years ago
Phantom Of The Opera is truly a masterful pinball art package! It is obvious that Paul Faris and the game designers had a passion and knowledge of this theme which is most apparent in the intricate details of the playfield and backglass artwork. A well maintained Phantom with extra hard game settings will prove to be a challenging setup. This along with great sound and music, make for a great all-around pinball package!
6 years ago
Maverick is highly underrated! Bought one cheap, did a complete restore, and this game is fun, fast, challenging and quite tough! This has become one of the most played game in our collection. The steamboat does slow the game down quite a bit, but other than that, this game is great!
6 years ago
Is Black Hole the greatest pinball ever? NO. But I try to rate pins compared to when they were released, and in 1981 Black Hole was awesome! And even my pinball collection of much newer pinball machines, Black Hole somehow still seems to hold its own and stands out! When maintained well and set up properly, BH plays fast for a widebody, has great sound and music, cool retro voice calls, a challenging reverse under-playfield, and a tough-to-achieve multiball! Combine great playability along with one of the best back glasses in pinball history, and I think Black Hole will always be a pinball CLASSIC!
7 years ago
Perfect example of simple, fast, and fun! Surprisingly the most played game in my collection! Highly under-rated game because of poor theme and poor backglass.