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10 months ago
This game is just a ton of fun. Starting with the theme, Weird Al brings the humor and a ton of original voice work to the game. There's so many different ball paths and combo opportunities thanks to multiple diverters, magnets, launchers and dual upper flippers plus a fifth mini flipper on the mezzanine upper playfield.

The shots are great on it too, especially that spiral side ramp. I love the upper playfield loop to UHF ball lock combo, too. WAMONH really checks all the boxes and is a great foray for Multimorphic into licensed games.

There's a ton to do in the game already and MM is actively working on new code to improve the game even further and add more to it (they just dropped a new beta build in the P3 Discord today). Looking forward to what's ahead in future code updates to finish off the game and polish up what's there.
2 years ago
Great overall package. A unique layout that's fun to shoot, one of Stern's best physical toys ever in the animatronic T-Rex, with a great ruleset and good artwork. Only real negative is in the sound package -- mediocre voice actors and meh music aside from the Jurassic Park theme.
2 years ago
Heist is the full realization of a game on the P3 platform. Fun to shoot, with great art, animation, music and a fun rule structure. So much great mechanical action integrated with the next-generation capabilities of the P3. Can't wait to see what future code updates bring to the game as well. Highly recommended!
4 years ago
With the latest code, The Hobbit is really on another level. Easily the most immersive pin and the best adventure pin ever designed. I have this and LOTR in the game room right now and LOTR never gets played. Everything from the music, lighting, animation, callouts/speech and choreography really stand out. Stepping up, the playfield may look sparse, but the programming crew did an amazing job with the ruleset to make use of every inch of this playfield -- even the upper right flipper.

The "I'm going on an adventure" callout at the beginning of this game really says it all. Only downside is if you have friends over, they may be waiting a while for their turn if you really get this game going. Ball times can be on the long side, but that's one of the things I love about it.

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