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6 years ago
I dont own one so I dont have to sugarcoat the fact that this pin is a dud unless callouts or actors voices from the show are added. If AC/DC or Metallica had music from a cover band, people would hate them. The Walking Dead pin is like the new girl in town, everybody loves her. I dont understand why Stern would pay for the license then not have something to connect the show to the pin for the casual player.
6 years ago
Its Elvis, enough said.
6 years ago
I love the theme, call outs and game play. I'm glad the vault edition came out so I could buy one.
6 years ago
A different theme and this would be soooo much better.
6 years ago
Some of the best call outs I've ever heard.
7 years ago
I've had a Luci for about a month now and I've stopped playing Metallica. I like the songs on Metallica better but the layout on AC/DC is one of the best pins I've ever played. I'm glad I got Luci instead of a pro. A shaker is a must in this pin.