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Caribbean Cruise

International, 1989

“Works, great condition, no PF wear. Has wear on bottom cabinet edges, have new protectors to be installed. Have new titans to install.”

Doctor Who

Bally, 1992

“Works, good condition overall, has some pf wear at time expander inserts and edges near mini pf. Needs mini pf teardown, cabinet is severely faded.”


Williams, 1989

“Works, good overall condition. Some playfield wear (mostly mylar'd), could use new plastics and a couple insert decals. New mirror'd BG, new (but not perfect) cabinet decals, has LEDs, needs diverter re-installed. Sale or trade would have to be for good offer.”

High Speed

Williams, 1986

“Re-imported Unidsea version. Fair condition, wear on pf, backglass is cracked. Cab in good shape. Missing beacon/topper. New Wolffpac displays (not installed yet). Needs some switch adjustments.”


Williams, 1981

“Works, good condition overall, backglass has crazing. Boards redone. Needs new coin door installed. Sound dampening mods, lots of spare parts including spare control panel and (not for sale) unobtanium shooter coil.”


Williams, 1988

“Working project, in fair shape. PF has a couple wear spots (mostly mylar'd) and front of cabinet has checking. Translite is faded. Needs full shop and speech troubleshooted (MPU damage). Have new upper tray/decal, drop target decals, and other odds/ends (not installed). Spare sound board (unique to game) and spare backbox light board/card motor.”

Middle Earth

Atari, 1978

“Works, great shape for it's age. PF and translite perfect, cabinet pretty good. Needs a coil and some switch adjustments.”

Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man

Bally, 1982

“Good shape for it's age. Not worn to wood anywhere like most. Cabinet is faded, backglass has one small mark. Working, has new matrix LED board. ”

Phantom of the Opera

Data East, 1990

“Works perfect, good overall condition, better than most. A little wear on the playfield and hand wear on the cabinet. Displays replaced with LED, LEDs on PF, silver backbox trim, new gameblades (not installed) new outer BG decals (not installed) custom rose shooter rod, custom floor mat.”


Williams, 1978

“Untested project in storage, fair shape but needs shopped, rough backglass.”

Rescue 911

Gottlieb, 1994

“Working mild project. Fair shape overall but needs a few pieces (translite glass, shooter, DMD, and a couple odds and ends)”

Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland (Xtra Edition)

Deeproot, 2020

“Awaiting build, have most of the RAZA parts including ~30 playfields/cabinets, have build CADs, molds, whitewoods, etc. Would only sell all DR stuff only in a lot, but please don't bother with a lowball offer. ”

The Simpsons Pinball Party

Stern, 2003

“Keeper. Not for sale/trade.”

Twilight Zone

Bally, 1993

“My grail. Fully pimped. Not For sale/trade.”


Williams, 1990

“Good shape, inc. 2.0 Kit. Girlfriends favorite, so not for sale. Will consider trade only (toward) TAF, MM (since she wouldn't kill me then)”

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