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1 year ago
This is unlike any other pinball experience. You actually feel like you are in a concert. Unbelievable. Such a rush to play and the risk / reward rules are absolutely fantastic. Good layout and even better lightsshow, audio and code. A game changing pinball experience.
1 year ago
Combine a brilliant theme with Lyman Sheets brilliant code and thousands of clips from the show and you get of the best games of all time.
2 years ago
A lot of thought was put into the design of this machine, and it shoots like nothing else out there. The way the rules are developing it is shaping up to be one of the best modern Sterns of all time.
3 years ago
An absolute classic. Simple rules, all goals can be achieved in a short period of time, yet still has a ton of replay value. The best interactive toy in the history of pinball, Rudy. Outstanding sound package and callouts.
3 years ago
This game is really fun. Build your bonus and cash it in is super simple but it works. The spinner is awesome to rip and the game doesn't get old for me.
3 years ago
No game has had the desire to keep hitting the start button quite like Star Wars for me. It’s a super fast layout with an awesome light show and sound package. Access to all video clips an characters, makes part of the best LCD integration in pinball to date. Not too much information, but enough. Code implementation with 1.0 is very deep and has a nice variety and a reason to select other characters to play with. Light Saber Duel is fantastic and Hyper Speed shot on the Premium / LE is incredibly satisfying.
4 years ago
Stern's best use of the LCD screen so far. Fast gameplay, deep code. I wish there was one more toy that interacts with the ball on the game.
4 years ago
Two great banks of drop targets that can be hit with the lower or upper flippers. Dangerous vari targets that are satisfying. Slightly different strategy if the player is playing for score or runs. Lower pop bumpers. Fun game!
5 years ago
Outstanding value for a pro. Great shots, super fun game. I wish it had a dedicated right ramp,but that's my only complaint. The art and sound package rival the best games out there.
5 years ago
The game is completely packed with fun things to shoot at and satisfying shots. The rules are fun and true to the movies. The best overall sound package and sound quality ever on a pinball machine. It's hard, but I can't stop playing it. Difficulty isn't a negative for me. Fantastic job, Stern. You can't go wrong with this.
5 years ago
This game is absolutely gorgeous. Typically, I love games with fast gameplay, and was definitely disappointed with the slower playing feel of this game. The layout of the playfield isn't very good, which is surprising after playing and enjoying WOZ. Surprising that the code at launch isn't more complete, given the time that JJP has been working on this game. So for me, bad layout and incomplete code makes for a tough sell.
5 years ago
Awesome shots and fantastic rules. Side cab art on the Limited Edition is fantastic. So much fun to battle the Dragon.
5 years ago
The shoots feel extremely satisfying and the rules are innovative. This screams "one more game" constantly....
5 years ago
A fantastic theme integration. Fun shots and great gameplay. Sound package is surprisingly good. Striker the World Cup Pup is cheesy, but not a deal breaker. Ramps have JPOP feel. The whole package.
6 years ago
I enjoy the shot variety in this game. Most of the shots are not safe...good risk/reward however. The pro in an excellent buy for sure, but I would love some improved (color changing) lighting - It would dramatically add to the experience. The call outs are good, but not great (especially the Hetfield ones)

Overall an excellent all around package.