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2 years ago
The rules are great (actually excellent), and simple to follow. Get those golden tickets!
The use of the RGB lighting in excellent... Soooooo well integrated with the rules. Whether it's the 12 inserts on the factory tour to the kids multi-ball, JJP has really integrated the RGB lighting very well.
Layout, ramps, wonka vision, flow is super smooth, etc.
Visually, just Amazing (as with all JJP Pins).

This is much like DI, but way better. I'm a huge fan of JJP; WoZ was my 1st Pin and will never leave my small collection (5). I would like a Hobbit one day.

When I read reviews... I always wonder what Pins does the reviewer like/own (as we all like different Pins), so, here's my list:
Medieval Madness, Attack from Mars, WoZ, Hobbit, GOTG, Stern JP, Monster Bash, Aerosmith, Tron, Stern Star Trek, GB, Iron Man, and DI (sold it after a few months).

Edited 01-12-2020