How I got to Pinside

How I got to Pinside

By kellartz

May 24, 2018

8 months ago

I got to Pinside initially to maintain my sanity during the Heighway Alien and Dutch Pinball Big Lebowski debacles. Very expensive but really impressive pins without the kind of hysterical playfields you know, all bling and toys. Luckily I got on board with CoinTaker and will be getting back all my funds held by them (as opposed) to those held by the now defunct companies. I am turning my back on new machines for the time being looking to get some eighties to ninetys Williams/Bally machines when the sound isn't too videogame-like.  I have issues with the service-ability of many new machines that I know about. They are made IMO to quicken production process and do not improve reliability or quality. You cannot even change an individual lightbulb without special soldering skills  otherwise its replacing  a whole board with multiple lights....  too cheap to wire up individual light sockets ... (Stern & Chicago Gaming come to mind). So until I find a manufacturer that uses old school quality...I'm out. Hoping to get the low down on the technical side of construction of newer machines from other manufacturers at Pinside.

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