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1 year ago
I want to love this game.

Great theme and it is well integrated.
That for many people is enough. I would even consider owning this game for that reason alone because I do like the movies.

love the ball lock, upper playfield is neat.

Flow is good enough. Modes, multiball, it’s all there.

My gripe with this game is that somehow it just feels lacking. I never feel like sticking around to play more than 1 game on it. It could be that in an arcade setting it feels kind of tired in comparison to more modern games.
This is just my opinion and there are plenty of people who love this game and I’m happy for them. It just doesn’t click with me and that’s okay.
One day if I get it alone in a quiet setting my opinion could very well change. So one day I would like to own it to give it a fair chance to change my mind.
1 year ago
This is one of those games that I would like to own one day for all the wrong reasons.

It’s a game I know my family members who suck at pinball would enjoy when they come over to my house. I like the light show, the DMD animations and the shots mostly just the ringmaster though.

I also hate how one trick pony this is.
The ring master is so repetitive, it’s doesn’t change up the call outs. It could have been more like champions pub and had different voice actors or simply just increase the overall frustration in the tone of the ringmaster. It’s not asking too much.

I want to own this game, and maybe it would only last in my collection for a couple months. I really can’t see it sticking around. For less money you can get more bang for your buck. For instance, Roadshow is a fraction of the price and is twice the pin.
2 years ago
Love the show so I am a bit biased here.
Has great flow, shots are easy to make.
They cheaped out on this era of Sega pins by only putting in 1 speaker but didn’t hold back when populating the playfield so I found that a bit weird.
Love it.
2 years ago
I’ll just start by saying it’s a really good game. If it had a better theme I bet it would cost twice as much as it does.
The crane is well utilized for locking balls and taking balls in multiball and dropping them into the playfield as it swings around.
Does well in any sized collection big or small.
Great game, lots of shots. I remember the first time playing it, I was impressed with the shot variety and the magnet in the playfield was icing on the cake. LOADED.
2 years ago
It’s no twilight zone, but that would be comparing apples to oranges.
What we have here is a campy game that doesn’t even try to take itself serious.
Worthy of a place in any collection, but the keyword is “collection”. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone only looking for 1 machine.
2 years ago
The lighting, the music, the artwork, the toys, the shots, the flow, etc. It’s all there. It’s a really good pin.
The upper playfield is accessed by a very narrow ramp followed up by a fairly difficult shot to the heartbreak hotel. It takes skill but is very satisfying when it works.
The dancing, singing Elvis is a really cool toy.
2 years ago
Class of 1812 isn’t for everyone.
It doesn’t take itself serious at all.
The music is very brooding and dark, but then multiball (which is ridiculously easy to obtain) puts you into some cheery goofy music.
It’s only a 2 ball multiball but for some mysterious reason it’s really hard to keep both balls in play and I always seem to be only a few shots away from a drain so I generally find my primary objective in this game is just trying to keep the 2 ball multiball going.
It’s a rare game and it has its cult following. I had it, sold it but want one again.
It’s an oddball. You’ll love it or hate it.
2 years ago
I have a bias towards this machine because it’s the first machine I played when I was a kid so it has a nostalgia factor.
But I’ll try to keep it real here...
-The wind coaster ramp needs a strong shot to make it around but it’s very satisfying to get.
-The skull shot in the middle is rewarding to hit for the light show.
-The music will get your adrenaline going and the artwork is fantastic. Playfield is gorgeous in my opinion and the cabinet art is some of the best in pinball.
But I just don’t think the gameplay holds up...
It does better in a large collection.
2 years ago
The light show on this game (after converting to LED) is just awesome. The music, call out are all great.
Ripping that spinner is so addictive as it flashes the topper lights and the sound effect is a perfect fit.
“Baby Baby. Baby you’re the best”

Haha I miss this game a lot actually...
2 years ago
It’s not a deep game, and it’s not even close to being one of the greatest games ever made...
And that’s why I sold mine.
So why do I think about it all the time and regret selling it so much?
Because what it does, it does right.
It has that one more game thing going for it on steroids.
I should never have sold it. I could play it over and over and over.
One day I’ll own this game again.
2 years ago
It’s an 80’s game so you need to take a step back from all the new flashy stuff and lower the bar a bit when rating a game like this.
Appreciate it for what it is.
- the artwork is something akin to a where’s Waldo book with all kinds of new discoveries to find if you’re analyzing the small details. That’s attention to detail you don’t see anymore.
- the back box is taller than normal because Python didn’t want to just fit his game into a generic box, but rather build the box around his game. He’s got his priorities straight.
- the upper playfield (if you can call it that) is fun with all the drop targets, 2 hidden shots, and center.
-the gimmicks are the pachinko style toy in the backglass and the 2 firing cannons. Both are cool.
The downside would be how symmetrical the playfield is which kind of leaves you with half a game in that sense.
Still, it’s charming and does best in a larger collection.
2 years ago
It’s A Nightmare on Elm Street.
The theme carries this game a lot further than the game itself.
I’m really not sure what to say about this game... the claw save is cool, the furnace toy/shot is cool, and Freddys head is cool too.
It has its charm for sure, and to anyone who loves the horror genre can overlook its shortcomings.
I really love the cabinet artwork, and I love the theme.
2 years ago
It’s not a great game.
It’s also not a bad game.
It’s kind of like a Goldilocks game where it’s just somewhere in the middle.
I mean, it’s got good shots and flow for a Data East pin.
The animations are really good.
The ramp has a cool double spiral.
But there just isn’t anything here to get excited about.
It just sort of checks the boxes and that’s it.

What would have helped this game is a good gimmicky toy, and instead of being called Lethal Weapon 3 like the corresponding movie that came out the same year, it should have just been called “Lethal Weapon”.
It would be like naming sterns Lord of the Rings “Return of the King” or Game of Thrones Season 3... just no.
Anyways, yeah this game can hold up in any collection but I don’t think anyone would lose sleep over letting theirs go either. It just fails to impress me or irk me in any meaningful way...
Very luke warm.
2 years ago
Man. I LOVE this game!
I saw one and thought it looked so boring and dated.
All I saw was some stupid target moving back and forth like the World Cup Soccer 94 goalie shot only ugly af.
Overall just felt this game didn’t age well aesthetically.
Bought this game just because well why not.
MAN. It’s so good.
It’s fast, and flowing. The lane diverter on the ramp is brilliant. It’s very symmetrical so that might bother some, but I see it for what it is.
It’s just a lighthearted fast flowing simple game that makes you smile when you’re ripping around those ramps. I never just play one game. More like 10.
Great game to balance out my otherwise deeper game collection.
2 years ago
Corvette is packed.
On one hand you could say it’s fast and furious and benefits from being a standard body despite feeling crowded (although having a little breathing room would be nice)
On the other hand you could say it has so much stuff that it should have been a wide body pin (but this would make the game feel slower I think)
Either way you’re not really wrong.
It’s a standard body that feels great when you’re hitting the shots but super clunky if you’re not.
Decent animations but nothing outstanding.
Music is okay but not great.
I have a really nice one and can’t see myself selling it.
2 years ago
Every time Pat Lawlor makes a game, you can count on something new and innovative. Like the drop ramp that slams down so you can sling an air ball at the hole in one shot and the golf cart is just so Pat Lawlor. Outside the box thinking and I love it.
The gofer heads popping up from under the ramps is a very clever way to add bash toys and shot variety.
Also great to see the spinning wheel on the playfield.
Most definitely the most “fan layout” pin I’ve ever seen from Pat Lawlor.
Where this game hurts the most is the unfinished code.
Second downfall is the golf theme. I’m not saying it’s bad for being golf themed but sports themed pins divide the crowd a bit.
Owned this game, sold it... would own it again for sure.
2 years ago
Earthshaker is a great game. It has some Pat Lawlor signature shots, out lanes, innovative toys/mech.
What I like about it is how much thought went into its design. The mirrored backglass is gorgeous. Shaker motor is great (pretty sure this is the first pin to incorporate a shaker motor)
What I don’t like is... well I honestly can’t think of anything to dislike about it per say. I guess maybe the cabinet art is a bit boring? Hardly a reason to thumbs down a pin though.
Bottom line is, for a system11, this is a great game. Great lastability in any collection.
One downside is that most of these are worn right out but that’s because this game gets played a lot.
2 years ago
Why did I give this game a perfect score?
First off, Pat Lawlor.
Secondly, you need to realize just how different and innovative this game is.
It has unique tokens designed specifically for this game and this game alone which has a whole mech custom built to spit these tokens out at you to give you access to a special wizard mode. WOW!
The playfield is smaller than a standard body but packs everything and the kitchen sink for toys and shots.
Utilized backglass to include a freaking board game!
What some people might criticize would be the smaller flippers, smaller playfield, and timed balls (as opposed to the typical 3 ball) however I consider these things a positive change because it just shakes things up, and makes jumping back and forth between a standard sized pin and a safecracker feel so strange yet refreshing. So instead of bashing it for feeling alien, I LOVE it. Variety is the spice of life after all.
They are pretty rare, so if you find one you’ve got to try it out.
2 years ago
I can’t talk much about the depth of this pin as I’ve barely scratched the surface. That being said, it’s an extremely deep game with tons to do so that’s my excuse.

It’s the Simpsons.
Has a small but well utilized upper playfield.
Physical ball lock (satisfying to get balls locked on couch shot).
Playfield feels open and shot variety is there.
Sound is a bit thin and needs upgrading.
Homers head is a bit lame.

It’s best in a home arcade as it’s just too deep to get through everything it has to offer out in the wild.
Does well in both large and small collections.
3 years ago
It’s hard to rate this game.
For an experienced player, this game is garbage. It really is. The ramps eat up so much time and they are too easy to hit. Waiting on 2 Ferris Wheels is also time consuming. The juggler again is a time consuming toy as it triggers the backglass wheel.
However, this is one of if not the absolute BEST introduction pin for new players.
It teaches you in a very elementary way what to shoot for and is entertaining to watch the ball go for a ride on all the toys. It would do well in any collection be it in a family home, or an earner on location as it’s both eye catching, and easy to pick up and play for the newbies.
So in short, it’s a gateway drug
3 years ago
This game is up there. Not on the same level as Twilight Zone but a great table none the less.
I know people don’t like the linearity of the game, but if you’re a decent player, you won’t be stuck only playing the first few cities. Get better and get to the west coast.
Quite honestly, this game is a top 5 pin for me because it has so many modes, the talking heads are fun and unique, the backglass is nothing special but not bad.
It’s a great Lawlor pin with many of his signature shots and depth.
People just get stuck on the country music and linearity.
Get one while the prices are low, they will go up on this title.
3 years ago
This game is great. It’s right up there with TZ, IJ, and TAF. Luckily the price isn’t there yet but that’s probably due to the fact that you’ve got both lovers and haters of the Star Trek franchise.
It’s extremely deep and I love the callouts.
I’m not a Trekkie but I do find the main theme to be very nostalgic and played a huge factor in buying this game. If you haven’t played one, do so.
4 years ago
Playfield looks like it was hand drawn with pencil crayons.
Cabinet art looks like it took all of 2 minutes to draw up.
Hate that modes need to be done in sequence.

So what is there to love?
I love the egg and ball lock gimmicks. I love the theme, and I love the flow.
I love the music and I love the backglass.

It’s not a top 10 pin for me but it’s a hit with the kids.
It’s far from a bad pin. The ball lock mechanism will give you constant maintenance trouble though.
4 years ago
I laughed when I was scrolling through the comments on this game and saw that someone wrote
“Annoyingly the layout isn’t bad”
That pretty much sums up how I feel people harshly judge this game.
In other words, it’s a great game but I need to give a bad review because if my wife sees my 10/10 review of it, I’ll be in the dog house.

Here is my review.
It’s a perverted game yes. The only pinball machine I know of to include nudity.
Guess what? The shots are fun. Layout is great. And I don’t blush every time I see a pair of t*** because I’m not 10 years old anymore.

Not suited for a family environment. Great pin.
4 years ago
This is one of those weird occurrences where a game has the toys, the code, the shots, and seems to just hit all the requirements to make a top 10 game but somehow for some unknown reason just doesn’t do it. Not for me anyways.

I mean, the layout and shots are IDENTICAL to Medieval Madness. That is a good thing right?

Anyways, I just don’t know. The dog mascot doesn’t bother me. I think the goalie shot is genius with the 4 rollover targets acting as a reload so you can’t really spam the goalie shot until you hit the rollovers each time.

It is a great game. And to many people it’s one of the best.
4 years ago
This game should be way higher in rating.
Personally a top 10 pin for me.

It’s unlike anything else out there.
It’s dark and ominous.
Mist multiball is freaky the first time you see it.
It’s hard. The game requires you to stack multiballs which isn’t all that easy, and you will usually not get a great score, but those times you are really on your game and nailing shots it just feels SOOO good to take in those huge THIRTY MILLION shots.

So what are the negatives?
Backglass is something people criticize, although I like it.
It doesn’t really have any toys at all. It’s a shooters game. But the lack of toys doesn’t hurt the game at all.
4 years ago
Visually, in a lineup, it will catch your eye before anything else with it’s beautiful backglass and spider wheel.

Gameplay is somewhat basic. Pretty easy to get multiball going.
Don’t let “easy” scare you away though. Just because it’s easy to understand what you are doing doesn’t make it a bad thing. It’s a fun game, and the call outs are funny.
4 years ago
What a game. This game was made to turn heads.
It is just beautiful.

It’s one fatal flaw is that it’s too easy to get gems which brings you to the final wizard mode.
I do understand why they did this though. It’s basically in permanent attract mode. It was designed to quickly move beginner players through modes to the climatic “save the princess” wizard mode.
Maybe at this time Pinball was on its way out and they wanted to draw in new players? I don’t know.

Regardless, I LOVE this machine.
A bit easy, but the game is just fun to play.
4 years ago
Twilight Zone is simply the very best pinball machine ever made in every way possible. It is the full package, and despite technological advancements in the past 26 years, nothing comes close.

It has a deep rule set, great code, gumball machine is just amazing, tons of shots, great music featuring golden earrings song twilight zone, very atmospheric, wide body.
All of these things come together beautifully.
It’s like they took the hugely successful Addams Family pin and loaded it up with more stuff to make an over the top machine.
4 years ago
There is a lot to talk about when it comes to this pin. I’ll try to summarize.

-The castle is a great toy.
-The call outs are hilarious.
-Great flow, fast, lots to shoot for.
-Code is solid.

-Cabinet art is very uninspired, and basic.

This game goes great in any lineup regardless of size.
It’s a top 10 pin for me and will never leave my collection.

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