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1 year ago
A true classic. Love the sound and music. Flow is great, feel the power of the wind.
1 year ago
What a game. So much to do and hard to master. Great sound and lighting. Install a color DMD and the fun gets even better. Just do much fun to play and really fast. Hard to master, but that is a goood thing.
1 year ago
The music and sound on SOF are classic Williams. Love the flow and upper mini playfield. Never gets boring for me. An under appreciated classic game.
2 years ago
Tommy is a fun game that everyone in my family likes to play. I love The Who, so a pin based on the rock opera was always going to attract me. The game has a great flow, and every game is different due to the array of game modes/story lines. The quality of the sound is pretty low res, but add a sub and you will love it. Pop bumpers, ramps, video mode, skill shots, and a color DMD option. It has it all, and I will never sell mine.

Easy to add a Nvram, so no more batteries. Cliffys are available to protect the playfield.

Be a pinball wizard like Tommy!
2 years ago
A pin based on Judge Dredd from the British comic 2000AD, rather than the terrible Stallone movie. Classic playfield and cabinet artwork is straight out of the comic, and is fantastic. I have a color DMD and it really brings the animations to life. I have installed one spotlight and a rear LED strip to lighten the dark playfield, and the game plays fast and hard. Hard to master, and a great challenge. However, had a number if problems with this pin, and spent more time adjusting it than I did playing
2 years ago
There is something special about this game, especially if you love cats. Great artwork and music, with some fun shots to make. While other games may have multiball, they don't have a seafood wheel! Of all the pins in my house, this gets the most play by everyone.