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6 years ago
Really fun game to play
7 years ago
Its a fun game first 5 plays for me
7 years ago
Iv played a lot better games. This title just didn't play smooth for me
7 years ago
I thought it was funnier than twilight. Smooth game. Nice upper playfield action
7 years ago
Love the music on this game. Fun to have wen guests are over.
Nice idea
7 years ago
This game is awesome. On ipda Sumone wrote a bad review in the game rules/specs.
THIS ACTUALLY MADE THIS GAME AFFORDABLE! I'm so happy with the game play and upper playfield
i like this game better than a lot of others I've played. Even top rated games.
Give this one a chance u might like it..
7 years ago
Bought it for 1800. Sold it for 1600 not my title
7 years ago
Not for me.
7 years ago
Really did not like this game and want my 50cents back... :)
7 years ago
First time I played it wasn't much for me. Gave it a couple more plays and see why its high rated
7 years ago
Fun game but the ball often gets stuck next to or beside ramp or plastic.
Wish the features lasted a lil longer too. But still an fun as game to play