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9 years ago
This game can be frustrating at times...AC\DC = SDTM. Lighting is great as well as the sound. Animations are super cool. I like the red powdercoat. Choosing your song is a great idea as the rules change per song. That simple fact should make this game last in a collection. I'm working on fixing that SDTM issue.
10 years ago
This game is alot of fun. Cool toys. Magnetic wand is awesome as well as the levitating ball. Skill shot is one of the best I've seen.
10 years ago
I don't follow the rules on this game very well. I've owned this one for a few months and I just cannot get into it. My wife loves it but she is a flailer. The light show is pretty cool tho. Video mode should be removed, I'm not a fan of 4bit video games that are in most pins. Cabinet graphics are very cool. The green ramps are nice too. This is a cool game to look at but I just cannot get into it.
10 years ago
Ok.. I own this one. It was my first pin. I like the simple rules. I like to know what I need to hit when I need to hit it. Don't get me wrong, I am not a simple minded player. I just like to understand what I need to do. I also own BF and that is what I do not like about it.

The backbox game is pretty cool. The TX cannon is good too. I can see this game getting old soon tho (owned it for about 5 months now) with the fan layout. Once you master hitting the ramps, the game gets very repetitive (I have not mastered them quite yet tho)
10 years ago
I really enjoyed this game at CP Pinball. The Magneto multi-ball is awesome. I will admit that I am a sucker for magnets in pinball.
10 years ago
This one was hard to rate. I know it gets alot of love here on Pinside, but every time I played this game it was sitting next to a game l liked better. It was sitting next to TAF first time I played it, I tried to like it but I kept going back to TAF. It was sitting next to Medieval Madness the next time. Hard to give a game a good rating with competition like those two games.
10 years ago
Sinking the ship is pretty cool. There seems to be alot to do on the playfield. I like the game but it is overpriced, in my opinion.
10 years ago
Love the crane mechanism. Love the Joker toy. Hate that lame upper playfield thing (like the Path of The Dead in LOTR). That Batmobile teeter totter thing is fairly lame also. This game sure looks cool though. Sounds are great. The only way I would add this to my collection is if it were priced right (half what most are asking).
10 years ago
Played this one a few times. I don't see the fun in this game at all. Add to the fact that everyone is complaining about things breaking on this game. The game looks cool, I will give it that but playing is just not fun.
10 years ago
Ok... played this game again with someone telling me the rules and all the modes. Game was waaaaaay more enjoyable. So enjoyable that it is on my short list now.
10 years ago
This game was a surprise. It was actually quite fun. The theme is a bit lame. The spinning wheel is pretty cool. I like the outlanes that have Free Spin in them. I did not play it enough to get a good feel for the rules tho. I was at CP Pinball and there were way too many A-list titles to play. The wife and I did keep coming back to it. She liked it more than me, but my distaste was strictly due to the theme.
10 years ago
The theme on this one is great. Getting one with a working hologram is the trick tho. Ramps are great. Callouts are fun. This is also on my short list... ok so maybe the list is a bit longer than I care to admit.
10 years ago
This game is on my short list. The callouts are great. The mini playfield is pretty cool if you can get the balls locked on the couch. The cooling tower bumpers are really neat.
10 years ago
This was my wife's favorite pin at CP Pinball. I did not put as much time into it as her but I did enjoy it. Any game with magnets seems to attract me.
10 years ago
First time playing this game and my wife wants it. I love the magnets in the middle of the playfield. The Thing flipper is way cool as well as when Thing grabs the ball. The sounds are no where near as good as the newer games, but the game more than makes up for that with the gameplay. The start of multiball is awesome. I like the callout when the thing flipper knocks the ball into the swamp.. something on the lines of "Way to go Thing, you really have a hand on that" Great game!
10 years ago
I want one! It took a couple hours of playing for me to want one until that I was annoyed by the ball drop to the upper flipper (my fault brain fart did not realize to use the upper flipper) due to it falling SDTM. So many neat toys.
10 years ago
I can see why this game is rated at the top. What a fun game to play. Destroying the castle is a blast. I cannot comment on the sounds as I did not hear much due to the background noise.

Drawbridge and trolls are very cool!

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